For passionate sports fans, game nights are sacred. It’s a time to cheer on the team you follow, witness some of the greatest athletes in the world do what they do best and bond with your fellow fans. All of this is why crafting the perfect at-home, game day experience is so important to sports fans all over the world. Being able to elevate the experience beyond just sitting on a couch in front of the TV can make for an incredibly immersive experience. You can heighten your senses and create an ambience that allows you to feel the atmosphere from your own home. This is why many fans are creating dedicated sports rooms in their homes. Whether it’s lighting, décor, snacks or sound setups, there is immersion at every turn allowing for the ultimate game night experience. Here is a guide to crafting your perfect sports room.

Of course, the main focus of your at-home gameday experience is the centrepiece of your sports room. A big screen experience heightens the senses and the specs of your set are important. Opting for a large screen (60+ inches) means you won’t miss a single bit of action.

You also want excellent picture quality for that same reason. To capture the fast paced action of an NHL game for example, OLED is the way to go. The pixel transitions are instantaneous, meaning a fast moving player or puck leaves no motion blur as they glide across the ice. You could even consider opting for a projector for a truly cinematic experience.


With the Stanley Cup right round the corner there is no better time to get yourself started. Stanley Cup odds currently have the Carolina Hurricanes as favorites to lift the trophy and if you’re a fan then this is your sign to get it done!

Next, you want to focus on your sound system. Most modern television sets come with decent to good speakers, but we are looking for great. A 5.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound system will create a soundscape in the room leaving you feeling as if you were in amongst the crowd. You can hear the electric atmosphere, crack of the stick on the puck, big hits and of course the commentary with clarity. Make sure you strategically place your speakers when setting up your sound system to allow for the best balance of sound wherever you are seated.

You want your sports room to be both easy on the eye and mood setting too. You can decorate with memorabilia from your favorite sports teams be it jerseys, posters, replica trophies or anything else related to your sports of choice. You can also have themed lighting to match team colors using color-changing LED light strips.

No matter how exciting the game is, it is going to be hard to enjoy if you are uncomfortable. This is especially true in sports like hockey where it can be a marathon not a sprint. Ensure you have comfortable seating: plush recliners, la-Z-boys or even authentic stadium style seating for an added layer of authenticity. You also want to make sure there is ample space for any drinks and snacks.

You also want to be sure your viewing experience is uninterrupted, especially when streaming the game. Sports fans now have more options than ever when it comes to how you tune in. Research the subscription services that best suit you, especially those that stream out-of-market games. Many apps also offer immersive in-game widgets that show you live stats and updates on other games around the league, keeping you engaged at all times.

It wouldn’t be Black Lotus game day without refreshments. Stock up on snacks and drinks so you are not left in the lurch hunting through corner stores for the last bag of pretzels come Stanley Cup day. Equipping your room with a mini-fridge to store beverages is encouraged along with a microwave for your snacks. If you have the space, you can even have an area dedicated to your refreshments where people can socialize during breaks and half-time.

Be it hocket, NFL, NBA or MLB, sports are best enjoyed with company. By setting up your own sports room, your space can become the social hub for all your friends and family to gather on game day. Celebrate your love of sport together with watch parties, organise and draft your fantasy sports leagues, eat and drink together while you experience the highs and lows of sports as fans.


Your perfect room should be a reflection of just how much you love the game and the value you put on sharing the experience with the ones closest to you. You don’t even have to be a die-hard fan of any specific team, even the most casual of admirers can become immersed through your setup.