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Twitter recently announced plans to test a new feature called “Twitter Circle.” After the initial testing period, the company hopes to expand availability of this functionality to other users. This new feature is designed to help users stay connected with their friends and family in an easier, more convenient way.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Twitter Circle and answer frequently asked questions about the feature. We’ll cover topics such as Twitter Circle, how it works, and which users can use it. We’ll also explore some potential benefits of using Twitter Circle. Additionally, we’ll go over potential issues you should consider when using this new technology. By the end of this article, you should feel well-informed on all aspects ofTwitter’s newest feature.

Twitter Testing New ‘Twitter Circle’ Feature

The new ‘Twitter Circle’ feature allows users to create and curate their private timelines within the larger tweetstream. On Twitter, the main timeline displays all of the tweets from accounts you follow, or in your network. The ‘Twitter Circle’ feature allows you to manage who appears in your timeline. You can also select specific people, hashtags, topics, or languages of content you’d like included in your timeline. This helps ensure posts from friends and family are always top of mind or that you keep up with conversations on topics that interest you most.

twitter twitter circle close friendsclovermacrumors

The ‘Twitter Circle’ feature lets users tap into the real-time conversations they care most while giving them more control over their experience while exploring and interacting on Twitter. It’s easy to use – just open the app, create an “inner circle” of people and hashtags that matter most to you, add some extra circles as needed (like one for news updates), then start adding members!

How Does the ‘Twitter Circle’ Feature Work?

The ‘Twitter Circle’ feature is a new way for tweeted conversations to be organised and stored, designed to help make it easier for users to find relevant conversations on the platform. In addition, this feature helps connect people talking about similar topics so conversations don’t get lost in the crowd.

With ‘Twitter Circles’, when users join a conversation they get updates of related comments and potential connections with like-minded people in the same conversation. This way, you can feel confident that whatever discussion topic you participate in is visible to all relevant people on Twitter. Moreover, they can easily jump into the conversation if they have something valuable to add.

To use this new feature, users need to add either one tweet or another user’s profile in their ‘Circle’ by using the hashtag #twitter circle or @username (e.g. @JohnSmith). It could also be added via direct messages between two user profiles. This will trigger a notification so other members of this group will find out about it easily and can jump into the conversation as soon as possible.

What are The Benefits of The ‘Twitter Circle’ Feature?

The new ‘Twitter Circle’ feature from Twitter provides an improved way for users to connect by creating a private circle of followers. This means that only people in your Twitter Circle can see your tweets, direct messages, and photos, thus providing an increased sense of security and control over who you choose to interact with on the platform.

Beyond these benefits of privacy and connection, there are a few additional key advantages that come with being part of the ‘Twitter Circle’ feature:

  • It allows members of your circle to attach private comment threads directly to each other’s public tweets. This expands the conversations had around individual tweets and allows users to spark threaded discussions among friends.
  • Twitter will recommend new people you may find interesting based on who is in your circle, allowing members to find more relevant content tailored just for them.
  • It will provide enhanced analytics so users can gain better insights into their network performance over time compared to other circles they may have created – allowing them more opportunities to grow their community engaged with content they enjoy!

How Do I Create a ‘Twitter Circle’?

Creating a ‘Twitter Circle’ is easy – all you need to do is go to your profile page, click the “Circles” tab, and click the “Create a Twitter Circle” button. Next, you can search for users you’d like to add to the circle. Simply type in their username and they’ll be added automatically.

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Once your circle has been created, you can adjust its privacy settings and other administrative options from within the same area.

How do I Add People to my ‘Twitter Circle’?

The new Twitter Circle feature allows users to add others to a specifically created circle. This feature allows users to quickly and easily connect with like-minded individuals while promoting content discovery and engagement within the platform.

Adding someone to your “Twitter Circle” can be done by clicking on the ‘Plus’ icon in the top right corner of their profile page. Users can also add people in bulk by selecting accounts from the search results window after clicking on the ‘Plus’ icon. Additionally, Twitter Circles can be created directly from your timeline or by clicking on any user within your timeline and selecting ‘Create Twitter Circle’ from their profile page.

Once you have a Twitter Circle set up, you can manage it by selecting ‘Manage Twitter Circle’ from your profile page or any user from your timeline and choosing ‘Manage Twitter Circle’ from their profile page. From here, you can:

  • Add more users or remove existing ones
  • Rearrange their position within a given circle
  • Create new circles for different networks and interests

What are The Privacy Settings for The ‘Twitter Circle’ Feature?

The privacy settings for the Twitter Circle feature are similar to other features on Twitter. Your profile is protected by a privacy setting you choose when creating or updating your account. The ‘Twitter Circle’ feature does not require you to enter any personal information to use, so it remains protected.

Additionally, when you create a Twitter Circle, you have the option to keep it private or make it public. If you choose to make your Circle public, anyone on Twitter can view your tweets within that Circle. You can also specify permissions for who can join and tweet in the circle – this allows you create accounts dedicated solely for specific users. Additionally, if someone tries to access a group they should not have access to, they will be blocked from doing so and their attempts at accessing that group will not be successful.

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Overall, ‘Twitter Circle’ provides users with a secure way of connecting while ensuring the security of their profiles and data.

How Do I Delete a ‘Twitter Circle’?

Deleting a ‘Twitter Circle’ is quite simple–simply head to the profile from which you have created the circle, click on the Cog icon in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Delete Twitter Circle’. You’ll then be prompted to confirm whether you want to delete it. Once confirmed, your Twitter Circle will be deleted immediately.

If you regret deleting a Twitter Circle, this action cannot be reversed; instead, you will need to recreate it again.

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