When a prospective buyer arrives at your home, what component of your home meets their eyes first? Undoubtedly, the front door! First impressions, you know. One of a house’s most crucial features and an easy method to leave a great impression is through the entry door. 

Here are some questions to consider: Does the front door in your home greet guests with a friendly heartfelt welcome? “We’re happy you are here!” or does it extend that pathetic handshake that awkwardly avoids your eye contact?

From The Street, Is It Possible to See the Door?

I believe that the front door should always be visible several meters from the street first and foremost. Although this seems fairly obvious, utilizing a small footprint can make it difficult. If your home lacks a front door that faces the street, at the very least, design a doorway that faces the street and conveys a feeling of welcome and entry. 

Is It Shielded from Precipitation?

Let us now ensure that it is covered. The front doors occupants and visitors require shelter from any form of precipitation. Make sure there isn’t a massive waterfall on the path that leads to the front entry door as well. 

Are The Door and Home Styles Match?

I don’t know exactly how many houses nowadays have six-panel or more front doors, but I would not be shocked if the percentage was close to 80%. While that door design looks great in a traditional house, please stop using it on all other types of homes! A wide range of door designs to enhance and match any external design has been expertly provided by door manufacturers. Don’t abruptly change the home’s architectural style at the entry door. Thus, prairie-style entrance doors in Toronto are a clear No if your farmhouse has more than two windows!

What Scheme Does It Have?

It goes without saying that we want both our guests and our buyers to be able to see our front door. Consider painting it an accent shade instead of just white. If the front advancement has other elements, such as shutters, you may choose a color that complements them or go with a different hue entirely. 

How Much Is The Weight?

It’s critical that your home’s front door entry feel significant in order to instill some sense of security and safety in potential customers. A weak front door, in my opinion, conveys the wrong impression. However, take care that it isn’t too heavy to deter people from entering the house. 

Glass Insets or Not?

Maybe the glass can be obscured so that the creepy guy can’t look in. A door with glass above it or surrounding is a great source of natural light and does it lessen the homeowner’s sense of safety? Or maybe there’s a transom glass on the door that lets in light while maintaining privacy and security. 

Double or Single?

Although I personally dislike double front entry doors, many of my builders are adamant about having them. According to them, their customers think that double doors are a sign of luxury and prefer them. Double doors are confusing to me. I’m never sure which entry is open when I’m a guest. They’re not as safe, either. I will not say use double entry doors. However, before you install them, give it some serious thought. 


The weather in Toronto just doesn’t work well for some really attractive entrance front doors in Toronto. Particularly for buyers who are over 55, choose a front door that will need little to no maintenance. In addition to lowering sales, a worn-out front door detracts from the streetscape’s overall appearance. 

Never forget that you only get one chance of making an impression. Easily enhancing or damaging that first impression is possible with your front door. Be proud of it!

Enhance Your Home Personality

Builder-grade homes in newer subdivisions might have the same general layout, many of the same architectural features, and the same materials as other homes on the block. If you weren’t familiar with your location on the street, it could be simple to mistake a neighbor’s house for your own. 

A new front door for example can add to the personality of your house make it stand out from the neighborhood and create a cozier more inviting feeling on the outside of your house. You have lots of chances to express your individuality through your new front door thanks to the numerous customization options.