Consider yourself something of a home chef. Anybody interested in food and creating it has a natural inclination to improve their skills and improve in the kitchen over time.

You can expand your horizons, learn some baking techniques, experiment with different flavors, or even tackle your recipe development instead of just following what you find online.

Whatever your goals, here are four easy ways to start working towards them slowly but surely.

Upgrade Your Equipment

As a cook, you probably understand that shoddy equipment can greatly hinder you. A cheap pot that always catches or a dull knife can slow you down and seriously impact the outcome of your sessions in the kitchen.

If you’re really committed to becoming a pro (or at least improving), you must also commit to investing in better equipment. First of all, a good quality knife and a knife sharpener to go with it should be the first place you turn. A good cast iron skillet should have some reputable pots and pans and a chopping board next. After that, you can investigate appliances and gadgets that tickle your fancy.

Get Inspired

It’s one thing to wish you were better in the kitchen and another to do something about it. Often, the one thing that stands between those two states is simple inspiration. So, get inspired! Research the types of foods you want to cook, invest in recipe books, and spend some time online.


If this sounds like a lot of work, you could spend a few hours of your weekend watching cooking shows instead of binge-watching reality TV. You’ll be surprised how the stories of other chefs and even amateur cooks could inspire your journey and get you motivated.

Practice Techniques

If you’re a big recipe follower, some good advice would be to start working on some of your dishes. But before you can get there, you must ensure you have your techniques down pat.

Make sure you’ve perfected different cooking methods, different temperatures, etc., and figured out what makes what works. This will give you the knowledge and freedom to get more experimental in baking bread or desserts and putting your own spin on classics you love.

Push Yourself

Finally, remember that the only way to grow is to push yourself. You’ll never improve in the kitchen if you keep rotating the same 10 dishes weekly!


Challenge yourself to perfect some of the world’s hardest dishes or master a difficult cuisine. A good way to implement this is to schedule a few dinner parties and set a theme for each. Make sure you create a unique three-course meal for each event and put in the effort to spoil your guests! This will be a great way to work on your skills, impress people, and make new memories.