Do you love the furry pets in your house? You might have trained your pet to maintain good behavior and strengthen your bond. Still, pet messes are almost unavoidable. Canine and feline creatures can leave stains on your upholstery. Lingering odors from stains may also interfere with the comfort and cleanliness of your home. The overall environment will be displeasing to your family and visitors. So, how will you remove pet stains and maintain a fresh environment? Look for the best pet stain removal service and let professionals manage the process. They apply effective cleaning products to provide the desired result.

Types of stains left by your pet

Pet stains are found in different forms-

  • Vomit
  • Urine
  • Feces
  • Saliva

These are the main factors causing stains on your carpets. For instance, urine stains have uric acid crystals, which create a tight bond with carpet fibers. It is challenging to remove them without the right cleaning techniques.

Why is it difficult to remove pet urine?

Low surface tension causes pet urine to soak into your carpet fibers easily and quickly. On the contrary, plain water has high surface tension and more resistance. If you have mistakenly spilled water on your rug, the surface does not soak instantly. But pet urine penetrates your carpet fabric quickly and even accesses the padding. So, the second layer of the carpet fabric will also impact the urine. 

When your carpet soaks the urine, it increases the risk of damage. The growth of bacteria can cause your rug to become smelly. The microorganisms will eat away your carpet fiber, causing color loss and deterioration. Although you have cleaned the rug surface, the damage and odor will cause issues. The easiest way to restore your carpet is to hire qualified professionals.

Reasons for engaging experts for pet stain removal

Some pet owners try to manage the stains and odor on their own. However, DIY methods for these stubborn stains cause some disadvantages.

  • A DIY solution cannot deep clean the rug.

Pet accidents do not affect your carpet just at the surface level. Although pet stains and spots are not easily visible on the rug’s surface, there is a high damage potential. If you do not properly treat pet stains, your carpet pads and fibers will not last long. 


It would help if you chose the right carpet treatment based on the stain’s severity and location. Only professionals know how to eradicate the spots from your rugs and upholstery. 

  • No residues of cleaning substances

Some low-quality DIY carpet shampoos and cleaning agents may leave residues behind. These residues can cause irritation to your eyes and skin, and some are sticky and attract more dirt. The residues from your cleaning agent may also affect the beauty of your carpet.

  • Wrong cleaning solution

Without skills and experience, you may choose the wrong product for carpet cleaning. Harsh chemicals will degrade your carpet fibers and cannot remove stains. On the contrary, professionals will use effective, pet-safe cleaners.

  • Inappropriate blotting techniques

Some people try to scrub the pet stains aggressively, but this effort can cause the stain to penetrate fibers at a deeper level. So, it is important to gently blot the stains with a clean cloth. Start working from the stain’s outer edges and move towards the central part.

  • Residual pet stains cause health issues.

Most pet owners leave the stained carpet untreated for a longer period. Residual effects will cause allergies and different respiratory diseases when not cleaned appropriately. Large, concentrated stains may cause the growth of mold.

How do professionals clean your pet-stained carpets?

Pet odor and stain removal experts decide the cleaning process based on the severity level.


Basic cleaning: The cleaners will identify hidden stains and spray the rug with a light cleaning solution to dampen the fibers. This helps them remove the embedded dirt and soil. Most professionals use industrial-standard cleaning machines to brush your rug. 

Moderate cleaning- Professionals will apply the deep cleaning technique if there is a moderate-level pet stain on a rug. They use a specially formulated solution that breaks down your pet’s urine protein. The enzyme-based formula is effective in killing bacteria in your carpet.

Advanced cleaning- The experts will apply more effective cleaning techniques if your stains need subfloor treatment. This will also make your carpets free from odor.

So, you can hire the most reliable cleaners to eliminate pet spots.


Pet odor removal service will save your carpet and upholstery. Professionals have the expertise to deal with different types of carpet fibers. The affordable cleaning service will protect your investment and help you maintain a spotless home. The best experts use pet-friendly cleaners that do not affect the health of your furry companions.