Encountering a running toilet is a common and bothersome plumbing issue that homeowners frequently face, causing frustration and unnecessary water wastage. The constant flow of water increases water bills and contributes to water wastage. While some toilet problems can be fixed with basic DIY solutions, persistent issues may require the expertise of a professional plumbing company. In this article, we will explore common reasons behind a running toilet, DIY troubleshooting steps, and when it’s time to enlist the services of a reliable plumbing company.

Common Causes of a Running Toilet

Flawed Flapper Valve

The flapper valve, an essential component inside the toilet tank, fulfills a vital function. When it fails to create a proper seal, water incessantly seeps into the bowl, continuously running the toilet.

DIY Advice

Examine the flapper for indications of wear and tear. If it is damaged, substitute it with a new one.

Float Issues

A malfunctioning float can lead to an imbalanced water level in the tank, causing the toilet to run excessively.


Adjust the float to the correct water level. If the problem persists, the float may need replacement.

Flawed Fill Valve

The fill valve regulates the water flow into the tank, and if it experiences a malfunction, it can lead to a continuous inflow of water into the tank.

DIY Advice

Clean the fill valve and inspect for any observable issues. If challenges persist, it might be advisable to consider replacing the fill valve.

Leakage in Flush Valve Seal

The flush valve seal prevents water leakage into the bowl following a flush.


DIY Suggestion

Examine the flush valve seal for any signs of damage and replace it if needed.

Situations Requiring Professional Plumbing Assistance

Lingering Problems

If your attempts at DIY solutions prove ineffective in resolving the issue, it is advisable to seek the expertise of professionals. Persistent running issues may indicate a more complex problem that requires expert attention.

Hidden Leaks

Certain leaks might go unnoticed, posing a challenge for homeowners to identify easily. A plumbing company can use advanced tools to efficiently identify and repair hidden leaks.

Old Plumbing Systems

Homes with older plumbing systems may experience recurring toilet issues. Professional plumbers can assess the plumbing system and recommend upgrades or replacements.

Water Efficiency Upgrades

Plumbing companies can suggest and install water-efficient toilet models, helping homeowners save money on water bills in the long run.

High Water Bills

If you’ve observed an abrupt rise in your water bills without a proportional increase in water consumption, a running toilet may be the cause. Professional plumbing companies can conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify and address the issue, helping you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Accumulation of Minerals in the Tank

With time, minerals can gather in the toilet tank, impacting the operation of its various components. Skilled plumbers have the expertise and tools to remove mineral deposits proficiently, reinstating the toilet’s peak efficiency.

Complex Plumbing Systems

Homes with intricate plumbing configurations may experience unique challenges regarding toilet issues. Plumbing companies are equipped to handle complex systems, ensuring a thorough diagnosis and effective solutions tailored to your specific plumbing setup.


Emergency Situations

In some cases, a running toilet may escalate into a plumbing emergency, especially if there’s a sudden and uncontrollable water leak. Experienced plumbing firms extend emergency services, delivering swift aid to avert potential water damage and mitigate further complications.

In Conclusion

Dealing with a running toilet requires a systematic approach to ensure effective resolution and long-term plumbing efficiency. Although some troubleshooting can be conducted independently, instances that involve persistent problems, concealed leaks, aging plumbing systems, the desire for water-efficient upgrades, escalating water bills, or intricate plumbing configurations necessitate the intervention of professional plumbing services. By enlisting the expertise of seasoned professionals equipped with the requisite knowledge, advanced tools, and extensive experience, immediate issues can be successfully addressed, and your plumbing system’s overall functionality and sustainability can also be enhanced. In recognizing the importance of professional assistance in certain scenarios, homeowners can safeguard against potential damages, minimize water wastage, and ensure a seamless plumbing infrastructure for years.

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