Unleash the transformative power of outdoor furniture! This guide explores how unique steel and stainless steel table bases can elevate your patio from ordinary to extraordinary. We’ll delve into the pros and cons of various materials, highlighting the exceptional durability and style offered by steel. Read now and discover the table base only  of your dreams!

The Transformative Power of Outdoor Furniture

These days, outdoor furniture serves more purposes than just giving surfaces and seats in public areas. It has shown to be a useful tool for expanding the living areas of our outside spaces, such as balconies, patios, backyards, and more. Table bases have evolved to offer immense versatility with hundreds of shapes and styles including pedestal and other shapes such as tulip table base.

It is a change that has had a major effect on our outdoor experiences and has helped to strengthen our bond with nature on a daily basis. Owning an ideal set of outdoor furniture can bring numerous benefits to our daily lives:

  • Constructing functional outdoor living spaces
  • Increasing coziness and pleasure
  • Softening the distinction between indoor and outdoor living spaces.
  • Encouraging social gatherings and entertainment
  • Fostering a sense of calm and reduce stress.
  • Meeting the needs of various lifestyles

Beyond providing space for us to gather, outdoor furniture has other advantages

Material Matters: Selecting the Perfect Patio Furniture for Durability and Style


Materials like granite, marble, and slate are commonly used for their resistance to weather elements and minimal maintenance needs. The natural textures and colors of stone can enhance the beauty of any outdoor space, creating a serene and elegant environment.

However, due to its weight, stone furniture is less flexible to move and rearrange, making it a more permanent fixture in the garden or patio area.


Aluminum furniture might have dents and scratches over time, especially with rough handling.

However, aluminum furniture might have dents and scratches over time, especially with rough handling.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel renowned for its exceptional resistance to a variety of weather conditions, low maintenance needs, and modern appearance.

Furniture made of stainless steel is a great choice for those who want to bring the beauty of luxury and sophistication to outdoor spaces such as balconies or outdoor coffee set.


Although steel furniture may be less expensive than stainless steel, and could need some tips to keep rust from occurring. It is a strong and resilient option that is typically combined with a weather-resistant coating, such powder coating or galvanizing.

Steel is versatile so it can be bent, welded, created in different shapes and moved easier than stone. Therefore, steel table base can be produced with diverse and creative shapes without following any standards, creating uniqueness. This feature combined witha a powder-coated finish will create an ideal set of furniture for outdoor spaces.

Finding the ideal materials for your outdoor items

Discovering the Best Finish for Lasting Outdoor Furniture

For Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Wood outdoor furniture also has its own beauty but will need more techniques with time to keep it newer than metal. Here are a few finishes that can protect wooden outdoor furniture and extend its lifetime.

  • Varnish finish: This finish makes wood more shiny and resistant to water and UV rays. It is a wise option for furniture that will be utilized in humid or highly exposed to UV light environments.
  • Polyurethane finish: Polyurethane finishes are easy to apply and maintain, leaving wood looking natural.
  • Oil finish: Oil finish gives the wood a natural appearance and is simple to apply and maintain. Nevertheless, it could need routine care and is not as resilient as other finishes.

Choosing finishes for your wooden outdoor table bases

For Metal Outdoor Furniture

  • E-coating: E-coating provides superior protection for metal outdoor furniture. It creates a durable, uniform coating that resists corrosion, scratches, and UV rays, extending the lifespan of your furniture and also keeping looking its best for years to come.
  • Automotive paint: Automotive paint is a high-quality, protective coating that is often used on metal outdoor furniture. It provides excellent resistance to weathering, fading, and scratches, making it a durable and stylish choice for your patio or garden.
  • Powder-coated finish: Powder coating provides the most effective protection for your outdoor furniture. This weather-resistant coating is extremely durable and needs little care, enabling you to spend more time enjoying your area and less time caring for it.

Powder coating is the optimal option for metal outdoor table bases

Where to Find Premium Table Base Designs

Choosing the ideal table base design is essential to producing a gorgeous and useful focal point for your house or place of business, but where do you start when there are so many choices? You should consider factors like materials, construction, design aesthetics, utility, brand reputation, and more when choosing high-end table base designs. As a recommended manufacturer, Flowyline is well-known for its dedication to high standards and creative design:

  • Not only does Flowyline Design team produce table bases, but they also create unique designs. Their designs transform ordinary tables into remarkable focal points; they are more than just useful pieces of art.
  • Quality is the top priority at Flowyline. To make sure their table bases are strong and long-lasting, they use high-quality materials like solid steel and stainless steel.
  • They offer a diverse range of table base designs, from sleek and modern to industrial and rustic, catering to a variety of styles and preferences. They also offer exceptional customer service ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate DIYer.
  • Flowyline’s designs are more than just a place to rest your tabletop. They’re the foundation for countless conversations and cherished meals.

Flowyline meets the needs of both woodworkers and design enthusiasts

Discovering Flowyline: Ideal Table Base Designs for Any Size Tabletop

121 Tulipe – The Beauty of Nature – Inspired Table Base

The Tulipe base 121 deviates from conventional geometric forms. Reminiscent of a tulip stem, its center column softly bends outward, ending in an elegant pedestal that mimics the delicate bloom of the flower.

This organic shape gives any room a hint of refinement and playfulness.

Tulipe 16” H table base design

319 Namu – Bring sophistication to your space

The Tulipe base 121 deviates from conventional geometric forms.

Reminiscent of a tulip stem, its center column softly bends outward, ending in an elegant pedestal that mimics the delicate bloom of the flower. This organic shape gives any room a hint of refinement and playfulness.

Namu table base design

Namu 28” H table base design

213 Wishbone – Stunning focal point for any space

Embrace a touch of mid-century modern flair with the 213S Wishbone. This unique base features a wishbone-shaped design that adds a touch of visual intrigue. It offers reliable support for medium-sized tabletops, making it a conversation starter in any dining room or workspace.

Wishbone 28” H table base design

Credit: Flowyline Design

304 Dentro – Perfect blend of strength and style

Seeking a base that exudes both strength and style? The 304 Dentro is your answer.


Made of solid steel, its cuboid-shaped foundation provides steady support for even up to 500 Lb tabletops. It’s the ideal option for large conference or dining tables because of its sleek design.

Dentro 28” H table base design

328 Flutter – Unique focal point for your space

The elegant, asymmetrical shape of the 328 Flutter base was inspired by the delicate movement of a butterfly’s wings. For a medium-sized tabletop, its surprisingly strong construction is the result of using premium materials. Any room would benefit from its distinctive base’s whimsical and creative touches.

Flutter 28” H table base design

Explore more: https://flowyline.com/collections/metal-table-bases

You can also combine two durable materials (marble top and powder-coated steel table base) and create a long-lasting set of furniture. Outdoor furniture is no longer simply about functionality.


It’s a transforming tool that enables us to design useful and beautiful outdoor living areas, encouraging a stronger connection with nature and improving our overall health.