With a plush texture and warm colors, Gabbeh rugs bring a sense of rusticity and comfort to your living space. They pair well with various interior styles, from traditional to modern.

Weaving Gabbeh began in Southwest Iran among nomadic tribes. Earlier, Gabbeh rugs were course-woven and had no pattern or design elements.


Gabbeh rugs are handmade by nomadic tribes in Iran and other countries. They were initially woven for practical purposes, have a unique texture, and feel distinct from other hand-knotted rugs. They are often made with a thicker pile, making them very durable and resistant to wear.

Weavers have free rein to express their creativity in the design of their rugs, often using figures to narrate a story or reflect their emotions. The color palette is typically a rich blend of earthy tones, including yellows like honey and sun, reds resembling chimney and cherry, and natural greens like basil and moss.

In addition to its timeless beauty, Gabbeh rugs are woven with only natural dyes, giving them a distinctive richness that enhances the natural warmth of any space. The weaving process itself also contributes to the value of these heirloom pieces. Adding one to your home is a way to connect with the generations of skilled artisans who crafted it.



Traditionally, the rugs feature a frame layout with a series of motifs. Animals, trees, plants, and other symbols of nomadic life often represent these motifs. Many rugs also feature a brindled motif, created using streaked colored threads to emulate the sunlit appearance of barley and wheat fields.

Its unique design makes it a standout piece for any room. Its plush texture complements decor incorporating natural elements, including indoor plants and woven baskets. Its vibrant colors and natural dyes create a peaceful ambiance.

As Gabbeh weaving evolved from a tribal blanket into a prestigious art form, the quality of the materials improved as well. Qashqai nomads had access to high-quality wool from their sheep, and they used natural dyes to create a wide range of warm hues. These characteristics make the rugs durable and long-lasting. They can also withstand heavy traffic and frequent cleanings, making them ideal for a living space.


The rugs are woven with natural, plant-based dyes to create rich, warm colors. The weavers typically use wool yarn dipped in the dye to produce an authentic, highly colorfast rug. Authentic Gabbeh rugs will not transfer color when washed and are typically safe to put in a washing machine.

The weavers also rely on natural, textured fibers to weave a rug that is softer and more durable than other traditional Persian rugs. They often choose to design their rugs without a pre-designed pattern. Instead, they allow their creativity to flow and weave a rug that expresses their individuality.

The designs on a Gabbeh can look more modern and sophisticated, like pointillism or even the playful energy of a child’s drawing. It allows the designers to make a rug that is uniquely their own and can be enjoyed by people who prefer modern décor. A rug can add a rustic feel to a space and help soften sound and absorb vibrations.



The value of these traditional rugs lies in the craftsmanship of these artisanal works woven with an authentic heritage. They embody the Persian culture from whence they originated and convey tribal stories that traverse time. Unlike commercially-made carpets, Gabbehs are born from improvisation, and their charm lies in their imperfections, which speak of the authenticity of their weaving process.

Traditional Gabbehs have a rural character and represent the legacy and lifestyle of the women carpet weavers. They also have a unique characteristic with a brindled motif inspired by Iran’s barley and wheat fields.

The carpets are an excellent investment as they are highly durable and last long. They are ideal for a well-lit living room or bedroom. Moreover, they can also be used in the center of a dining room or as a runner in your foyer or entrance area. They are also available in different sizes, so you can choose the right one to match your interior design.