Regarding joint gameplay with friends, it’s difficult to name something more dynamic, interesting and requiring full dedication than shooters.

You create heroes, or play the proposed characters in different formats, in which the main task is realized – shoot at enemies and help your allies.

By the way, it is precisely such games that often unite players, because even if the situation is fictitious, it is the joint overcoming of difficulties that unites people the most.

Destiny 2

Take a weekend to play an MMO RPG shooter in which you not only need to create your characters, but also constantly develop together, helping each other to ensure destiny 2 carry.

You will play as a tank, a support and burst damage shooter, or a sniper.

You will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the distant future, in which the inhabitants of the earth have united in confrontation with alien invaders and must repel the attack of ordinary aliens and their rulers and gradually go on the offensive to expel them from their home planet and gradually begin to explore space and new territories, in including Neptune in the Lightfall update.

Full-fledged quest systems await you, which will tell the main story of the background and reasons for the invasion, as well as decisions that allow you to change the situation in favor of the people.

You will choose one of three classes, which can be developed in different ways.

In addition to quests, you will find raids and strikes – raids on the lairs of bosses in order to get the best weapons and equipment that will help in more difficult battles and tasks to help Saint 13 – one of the main commanders in charge of defense and offensive.

If you get tired of the format of destroying monsters and bosses, you can go to the PVP mode Trial of Osiris, in which you will play in a small group against the same units in rounds for a set of winning streaks in order to claim rewards in the form of legendary equipment and weapons from the current season.


If you like large, but arcade battles with the capture and control of key points on important game maps, the ability to use various equipment and aircraft and at the same time play dynamically and not have to watch the mechanics of the flight of a bullet, then you and your friends will definitely like Battlefield.

Of course, with each new version, the developers often disappoint players, but versions 1, 3 and 4 are considered masterpieces and offer players to try out the role of soldiers of the First World War and modern conflicts with the fight against terrorists and a fictional confrontation with China.

You need to act as a team and tactically in order to properly distribute resources and control key points on the map.

The one who holds a larger number of points will more quickly reduce the number of enemy reinforcement cards, and when their number decreases to 0, the match will be completed when the remaining fighters die.

You will be able to use aircraft and armored vehicles, vehicles and specialists with different equipment to confront the player and act as a team.


Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

If you want to try a truly realistic project and experience a major conflict between the US and China, in which you will act as a small special forces unit with your actions behind enemy lines, or in support of the advance of the main army.

Each mission will be different, from clearing important heights and destroying air defenses as saboteurs and ending as an assault force to capture and hold villages and airfields.

Realistic battles, bullet ballistics and a wound system await you.

You won’t be able to run around shooting everyone from the hip – you need to think through not only your tactics, but also cover your allies, otherwise the mission could easily end in the death of the group.


If you want to try your hand at group survival battles among groups on large maps, where everyone will be on an equal footing, then you may like the battle royale mode.

This is a format in which 100 players in groups land in a random place on the map without equipment and begin to search the map for weapons, ammunition, medicine, helmets, armor, backpacks and everything that will help them survive and destroy other players.

The battle zone will constantly decrease and force groups to actively move closer to each other and fight for top 1, making their way to the specified location on the map.

You need to beware of random artillery attacks and carefully monitor airdrops – this is a drop of valuable weapons with a general notification and in such a scenario you can either die or get a serious boost and destroy more enemies, increasing the chances of being the only surviving squad.



This is an arcade robbery simulator in which you must select a raid target, study it and carry out the operation quietly, preventing the alarm from being activated and calling the police, or an assault, while simultaneously defending and destroying the special forces groups that will arrive to detain or destroy you.

The missions will be very different and executed in the spirit of the best heist films.

You will be able to rob banks and jewelry stores, steal cars and even storm entire shopping centers, looting literally all the stores that come your way, hooking the loot to a helicopter.

The more players play in a group, the better for countering police assaults, because snipers, shooters, armored shield bearers and even bulldozers will be used – FBI employees in armored suits who cannot be destroyed just like that.

The best option, of course, is a quiet robbery, tying up the guards and, if possible, without eliminating the innocent, so as not to receive fines and not lose money.


If you like old games that have realism, then you can play SWAT.

This is a simulator of special forces action, close to realism.

You need to not just destroy criminals, but force them to surrender using tactics and not kill bandits unless absolutely necessary.

The motto of the police special forces is – we do not destroy bandits, we save lives.

To pass the level with perfect results, you need to neutralize all the bandits, prevent the death or injury of group members and ensure the safety of all hostages