Over the years, we’ve created a strong bond with horses. They are considered humans’ most loyal companions, and it is safe to say that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for horses.

That influence has been embedded in our culture and tradition. Nowadays, horses are not used for transportation, but that doesn’t mean that we still don’t share a connection. In the modern era, when we talk about horses, we usually think of horse racing, which is one of the biggest sports in the world, accumulating billions of fans.

Horse racing has introduced a new way of interacting with horses that strengthens our relationship with them.

With so many horse racing fans, it is easy to see why equine décor and interior design are so popular. After all, if you are a horse racing fan, what’s a better way to showcase your passion for the sport than recreating your living space into an equestrian hub?

But is it difficult to give your interior some equestrian flavor? – Not really. You just have to follow certain rules that we will highlight in this article.

The Influence of Horse Racing

Horse racing now is a billion-dollar industry, and what started as a sport saturated in the UK, quickly spread all around the world, bringing millions of fans together. We can see that horse racing’s influence on interior design isn’t something new. In fact, it can be traced back to its rich history and cultural significance that go back centuries.

From the massive grandstands of iconic racetracks to the adrenaline-fueled moments that scream ‘passion and emotion’, every aspect of horse racing offers inspiration for creating incredible equine-infused interior designs.

What’s a better way to watch the Kentucky Derby other than on the track? Of course, at your equine-themed home. Just make sure to check out all the top contenders on TwinSpires before placing a bet.

If you want to update your home and infuse some equine flavor, here are some things to consider.

Color Palette

Remember, you don’t have to include horse elements on every corner just to give your home horse racing feel. A good starting point is to choose the right colors.

The color palette can give you that nature, and earthy feel to your home just like when you are on the racetrack. The color schemes of horse racing interior design follow a simple rule. Most of them are natural colors, so anything brown, grey, coffee, peanut, dark green, and for some spice you can add small details with vibrant colors which in most cases resemble the jockeys.


Bold colors like deep blues, emerald greens, and racing reds bring a sense of drama to your interior, while softer tones evoke tranquility and teleport you to the races.

Choosing the color pallet for your horse racing interior is quite easy. You just have to stick with colors that can be seen at the races.

Materials and Textures

Another way that you can bring some equestrian flavor to your home is by choosing the right materials and textures.

Go for leather upholstery that reminds every horse racing fan of saddles and bridles giving a touch of elegance, while rustic wood finishes evoke the feel of a typical barn. Textiles like tweed and houndstooth, which are generally linked with equestrian wear, add a traditional and timeless touch to furniture and decor.

Design Elements Inspired by Horse Racing

Now if you have already done these two things and your interior still doesn’t scream ‘horse racing’ it’s time to introduce some accessories.

Artwork and Wall Decor

Artwork is the best way to bring horses to your home, and considering that horses have been a popular subject for painters for thousands of years, there are many equine motifs to choose from. You can go for racing scenes that showcase the drama and thrills of horse racing events, or for horse portraits that show the beauty of these majestic animals.

The best thing about these paintings is that they don’t only serve as focal points, but also draw the eye of every visitor and spark a conversation.

Lighting Design

Lighting is essential for creating an atmosphere and emphasizing major design features. Chandeliers styled like trophy cups or horseshoes provide a quirky touch, while track lighting replicates the directional illumination seen on racetracks, casting dramatic shadows and accentuating architectural details.

Furniture and Accessories

Furniture and decorations inspired by horse racing add to the concept. From elegant bar carts packed with exquisite spirits reminiscent of race-day festivities to statement items such as coffee tables made of recycled wood and steel, each element offers a tale of elegance and refinement combined with the adrenaline of the racetrack.

Just make sure to make a mini-bar, where you can serve the signature cocktail of the race that you are watching.

Practical Considerations and Functionality

While harnessing the beauty of horse racing in interior design is about creating visually captivating spaces, practical considerations and functionality remain paramount.


Designers must balance aesthetics with usability, ensuring that spaces not only look stunning but also serve their intended purposes efficiently.

Versatile Layouts

Flexible layouts that accommodate gatherings, socializing, and relaxation are essential in horse racing-inspired interiors. Multi-functional furniture, such as modular seating arrangements and convertible tables, allows for seamless transitions between different activities while maintaining an inviting atmosphere.