Rugs are essential for interior design and for establishing a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in a house. In addition to beautiful furniture, home design also requires a well-balanced selection of accent pieces, centerpieces, paint hues, carpets, rugs, and certain other materials. As for rugs, harmonizing them with existing decor is an art and requires a careful approach.

If you want to add style to your home’s interior decor using a rug, then you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll enlist the factors that need to be considered when choosing floor rugs. We’ve also mentioned some trendy tips that will help you synchronize rugs with your home decor.

Adding Rugs While Maintaining Harmony With Interior Design

Rugs Dubai are versatile in their shapes, colors, materials, and patterns. Choosing a floor covering from a range of options can be a hassle. To ease this inconvenience, we have added some guidelines that will help you find the ideal rug for your place.


Following is the material-based categorization of rugs:

  • Natural Rugs

These rugs are made of natural materials like wool, cotton, or jute. They are available in different designs and are adaptable to every decor theme. They are suitable for areas with intense use or high foot fall.

  • Synthetic Rugs

Rugs made of synthetic fibers such as acrylic, nylon or polyester are durable, stain and moisture-resistant. Due to their high wear and tear resistance, these rugs require low upkeep and are pocket-friendly as well.

  • Blended Rugs

These rugs are made of a combination of artificial and natural fibers, hence they comprise the qualities of both fibers. Due to this, they are more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Colors And Patterns

Rugs are generally available in the following colors and patterns:

  • Bold And Neutral Colors

Color combinations of rugs play a significant role in changing the overall ambiance of a room.


You can choose either bold or neutral rug colors according to your existing decor.

  • Traditional Designs

Rugs with traditional designs showcase ancient and historical motifs and cultural heritage. These rugs are often called Oriental, Persian, and Afghani rugs. They have unique and intricate prints and patterns and make a valuable investment.

  • Modern Designs

These include bold, abstract, and minimal rug patterns which are used to create a contemporary environment in the space. These also include prominent geometric patterns and floral prints.

Shapes And Sizes

Some common rug sizes and shapes are mentioned below:

  • Size Options

Rugs come in various sizes from very small to very large. These distinctive sizes should be chosen carefully so that they can harmonize with the room’s dimensions and complement the existing decor.

  • Shapes Variety

Rugs come in rectangular, square, circular, oval, and irregular shapes. The first two develop a traditional ambiance in the room whereas the remaining will add a modern touch to the room’s environment.

  • Runner Rugs

They are suitable in places where you want to add depth and define the area. Their size and shape are similar to rectangular ones. They are ideal for hallways, entrance points, and staircases.

Some Trendy Designing Tips For Rugs

Rugs play a significant role in completing an interior decor, therefore they have to be chosen carefully. Below are some trendy styling ideas for rugs for your inspiration:

Use Rugs To Define Spaces

One way to decorate your interior with rugs is to use them to define different spaces. If you have a large and open space or room, then rugs can be used to highlight specific areas or divide them for a cleaner look. For instance, if you own a common dining and living room, then a square or circular rug below or next to the furniture can separate the seating area from the dining space.

Layering Rugs Over Carpets

Another way to decorate these floor coverings is to layer them with carpets. This unique idea develops a sophisticated look and a welcoming environment. By contrasting colors and patterns of rugs with carpets, you can achieve a distinctive accent piece.


For example, if your carpet is of neutral color, try to get a floor rug in bold color and/or with elaborate patterns.  

Using At Entrance Point

Decorating entrances is a creative way to use these floor coverings for upgrading home aesthetics and adding beautification to the overall decor. The entrance point is one of the essential parts of every home and it has to be maximally inviting. Placing rugs at the doorway will create a visual appeal and set the right tone of your entire interior decor.

Hanging A Rug On The Wall

Another benefit of these floor coverings is that they are highly versatile and can be decorated in many ways to accentuate a room’s aesthetic appeal. You can even use them as a wall decoration for a unique beautification. A circular or oval rug hung on a wall will work as a focal point in the room and make it appear cozy and inviting. A traditional rug, such as the Persian rugs Dubai, also works wonders for this unique approach.

Use As A Centerpiece In The Room

Using a rug as a centerpiece in the room can change its overall look. This approach will add warmth, color, texture, and beauty to the area without overwhelming the whole decor. You can match or contrast the color and patterns of rugs with furniture or other elements in the room. Circular and square rugs work great for this idea.

Concluding Remarks

Rugs are all-purpose items that add beauty, and comfort, and timelessly accentuate every interior decor. Additionally, they add warmth to a room to make it cozy and inviting for everyone. However, choosing rugs correctly is very important to maintain harmony with the interior design because they can make or break the entire room’s look. In this blog, we have given some unique and trendy ideas to use area rugs as decorative pieces and enhance home decors in outstanding ways.