A 2003 GMC Sierra 2500 HD running board won’t last forever. At some point, you may need to replace the runners, whether they wear down or you want something more durable. As a popular and leading manufacturer of SUVs and trucks, GMC offers many OEM options for replacement running boards. That said, you can also choose from many aftermarket options.

Types of Running Boards for GMC Models

Running boards or assist steps for GMC vehicles are often included in truck designs, allowing for seamless integration. The boards, or side steps as some people call them, provide a broad, flat step surface that typically runs the length of the cab.

The primary advantage of the standard running board is ease of access. The step’s surface usually includes textured grooves or a rubberized coating to improve grip or add traction.

If you want a more industrial and durable running board option, you can choose Nerf bars. The bars are round or oval tubes that provide a narrower stepping surface than standard running boards but are usually more durable. Because the bars are steel, they offer greater side impact protection than standard boards made of composite materials.


Other options include electronic running boards. These options provide a more streamlined look to the vehicle because they only appear when a door opens. An electronic mechanism lowers the boards to allow for easy entry, and when the door closes, the boards lift and hide away under the vehicle.

Selecting the Right Running Boards for Your GMC Model

Whether looking for a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 running board option or a newer model, selecting the right running boards means focusing on your budget and driving needs. For example, suppose you plan on off-roading with your vehicle. In that case, nerf bars are a more suitable option for your truck because they use more durable materials and provide superior protection.

However, traditional running boards are more stylish and practical — not to mention less expensive. Running boards complement the style of the vehicle and are safer for children and elderly passengers who may struggle with the roundness of Nerf bars.

You are the only one who can choose which option is suitable for your GMC vehicle. Weigh the pros and cons of each and decide what features or benefits are more important.

Installing Your New Running Boards

So, you went ahead and purchased a new 2016 GMC Canyon running board set. Now, you must figure out whether you want to install them yourself or hire a professional.


If you have experience and the necessary tools for the installation, it is relatively straightforward. However, if you are even a little concerned about messing up the installation, take the set to a professional body shop or mechanic. While the process isn’t overly complicated, you did spend a decent chunk of change on the set, so you don’t want to damage them or your truck.

Running boards are convenient additions to any GMC truck or SUV, and they often come standard. Still, you may want to replace the existing boards with something newer and more durable. Check out a local auto parts retailer to find GMC-compatible options.