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E-commerce aggregator Rainforest recently announced that it has successfully raised $20M in a funding round just months after its last funding. This new funding comes amid a rapidly changing e-commerce landscape, and it signals the potential of Rainforest to become a major player in the sector.

In this article, we will discuss the details of the funding round, including the participants and its implications for the industry.

Overview of Rainforest

Rainforest is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving rainforests and their wildlife. Rainforest works to shield forests and their inhabitants from destruction, advocate for human rights, empower communities and promote sustainability. In addition, Rainforest provides economic incentives to protect forests by strengthening local economies through enterprise development in eco-friendly farming, tourism, agroforestry and educational workshops.

Through an agile approach and its deep involvement in ongoing contextual research on the ground, Rainforest implements projects designed in partnership with stakeholders to tackle core drivers of deforestation. Its model enables direct access to resources needed for successful implementation of its projects – funding from international donors, governmental support as required by law, access to governance experts, and policy networks for advocacy against deforestation lobby groups.

The organisation understands how crucial nature is for our survival. Therefore it recognizes key elements when tackling deforestation:

  • Preserving the forest’s biodiversity
  • Keeping rivers clean
  • Fighting against land grab or claims
  • Defending water rights
  • Reducing climate risks
  • Providing economic opportunities
  • Giving access to health care services – including environmental education

To this end, Rainforest needs last mile funding support. Last mile funding helps cover ground operations costs such as supplies (tools), logistics (transportation) and communication costs (interviews & data).

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Summary of Rainforest’s last funding

Rainforest’s last funding was spearheaded by Project Rora, a conservation group dedicated to saving and preserving rainforest areas threatened by deforestation. The funding was part of a larger global effort to protect the remaining tropical rainforests.

The project raised over $8 million from private, government, and corporate sources. This money was used to create several projects including the construction of local schools with revolving fund projects, law enforcement initiatives against illegal harvesting, reforestation activities in conjunction with local and indigenous communities, protection of critical wildlife habitats and expanded park access among other initiatives.

This donation will help protect vital rainforest ecosystems in Peru, Colombia and Brazil for many years. It will provide economically viable alternatives for indigenous communities who have long relied on the forest for their livelihoods. It will also protect vulnerable wildlife species such as jaguars, toucans, sloths and anteaters from further habitat loss or fragmentation due to deforestation or other land use change. Finally, it will secure natural areas home to many different cultures worldwide, ensuring their traditional knowledge is preserved for generations to come.


The e-commerce aggregator Rainforest recently raised $20M in funding, following its last funding round only months before. This is the latest of a series of funding rounds Rainforest has secured, as it looks to expand its business and reach.

This article will provide further detail about the company’s background, the funding it has received, and the possible implications for the future.

Overview of the e-commerce aggregator industry

Unlike offline stores, e-commerce aggregators offer a wider range of products, more flexible pricing and easy payment options. Additionally, they cater to the global customer base, enabling users from all nations to purchase their products regardless of location or currency.

The e-commerce aggregator industry is highly competitive and rapidly evolving as new technology emerges. Companies in this space must be innovative to ensure their continued success. Aggregators must provide a seamlessly integrated online shopping experience and be able to quickly customise offerings for customers in different global markets. Customer retention is paramount as it is essential for revenue growth and customer loyalty.

Companies must leverage modern marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) to compete in this market. Furthermore, they should integrate mobile applications that enable people worldwide to purchase goods at any time and on any device. Companies also require sophisticated analytics tools to monitor customer behaviour to make informed decisions about product development and customer relations management (CRM).

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Rainforest’s position in the industry

Rainforest is a tech company led by an experienced team of executives and investors who have launched more than 20 successful ventures. It provides the ultimate solution for companies looking for data-driven insights around customer experience, product innovation, or go-to-market strategies. Rainforest has been sought after by Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Google due to its unique approach to agile experimentation. In addition, the company has secured investments from top venture capital funds, including Andreessen Horowitz and Accel Partners.

Rainforest is currently in a unique position within the tech industry due to its ability to provide timely insights through machine learning and AI technology. This advanced forecasting capability gives Rainforest customers the edge to stay ahead. Additionally, Rainforest’s proprietary technology helps businesses accurately predict customer preferences and responses at large volumes, allowing businesses to make informed decisions on what products or services should be prioritised over others for maximum market penetration.

Details of the Funding

E-commerce aggregator Rainforest secured a $20M funding round just months after its last round. This is a substantial amount of money and reflects the growing popularity of Rainforest’s platform.

In this article, we will explore the funding round details, such as the investors, the terms and the use of the funds.

Investors involved in the funding

The Rainforest Fund’s recent funding round was a success, attracting investments from diverse investors. These include leading venture capital firms, private investors, family offices, angel investors and funds.

The notable venture capital firms that invested included Base Ventures, Slow Ventures, Propel Venture Partners and Founders Fund. In addition, net-worth individuals such as Chan Zuckerberg Initiative also participated in the crowdfunding round. Furthermore, several impact investor funds such as Renewal Funds and Obvious Ventures contributed to the round.

The funds raised will be used to scale up Rainforest’s eco-friendly solutions aiming to solve problems faced by global communities. In addition, the company plans to expand their presence across different markets and increase their investments in research & development for their innovative green technologies. This new investment will help them continue developing solutions for environmental conservation and accelerate their mission to create positive change globally.

Amount of the funding

The Rainforest’s last funding, from the Brazilian government, included 50 million dollars. This was divided into two separate grants: a first instalment of 20 million dollars and a second instalment of 30 million dollars.

The 20 million dollar allocation was designated solely for establishing conservation areas and integrated management built around the preservation of native wildlife species. The remaining 30 million dollars were utilised to support education and socio-economic initiatives within vulnerable communities and investment in research to identify sustainable alternatives to their current reliance on natural resources. This funding helped improve local knowledge in areas such as bee-keeping and sustainable fishing while facilitating technology transfer to use renewable energy sources.

In addition, this additional funding enabled investments in law enforcement through increased surveillance capabilities and an improved response system for illegal activities in Brazil’s rainforests. Financial contributions have also been extended towards supporting those affected by land conflict (invasion, deforestation) with money allocated towards compensation for lost income due to environmental damage and restoration projects for damaged ecosystems.

How the funding will be used

The funding recently secured for Rainforest Conservation efforts will be used in various ways to aid in preserving the delicate balance between human activities and the protection of rainforests worldwide. In addition, the funding will create economic development opportunities, expand scientific research capabilities, and support sustainable resource management initiatives.

Specifically, the funding will secure land leases and develop innovative business models to build public-private partnerships with local communities for sustainable development. This will ensure that any revenue generated is directed towards conservation efforts in the region, which could help reduce poverty, protect biodiversity and promote reforestation goals.

Additionally, a portion of this funding has been allocated for research projects exploring unconventional methods – such as biochar – for carbon capture and storage capabilities; research on climate change mitigation strategies; and cutting edge technology designed to minimise impacts from deforestation. These pursue knowledge-building and practical solutions towards meaningful conservation efforts across multiple landscapes.

Given its philanthropic contributions, Rainforest has further committed a portion of its funds towards strengthening existing rainforest protection programs by supporting educational activities providing legal advice to those directly affected by deforestation, helping Indigenous people access land rights information or providing civil society feedback on illegal logging issues. Finally, a small but essential part of this fund is earmarked for enabling environmental awareness campaigns amongst local communities thereby promoting responsible behaviour among inhabitants such as reducing burning practices within forests or responsible waste management practices.

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E-commerce aggregator Rainforest raises $20M just months after its last funding

E-commerce aggregator Rainforest recently announced that it has raised $20 million in a financing round. This recent funding comes just months after its last funding round, which has improved the company’s financial position significantly.

In this article, we’ll look at the impact of this funding on Rainforest and its operations.

How the funding will benefit Rainforest

The backing from Fauna & Flora International (FFI) will allow the organisation to support rainforest conservation projects along the entire Yucatan Peninsula, from Campeche to Quintana Roo. Funding will also enable Rainforest to establish management structures at national and regional levels. This type of investment ensures that local communities understand how their actions affect the environment around them and enables them to work together with one common objective – preserving their forests.

The funding helps FFI cover costs of expert technical advice, publicising the Rainforest Alliance Initiative in Mexico, and developing a certification program that ensures consumer demand for sustainable rainforest products. In addition, it provides funds for research and surveys designed to monitor change in land-use trends across the Yucatan Peninsula, territorial securement initiatives such as land purchasing or purchase agreements and community forest service activities that aim to reduce pressure on forest lands through alternative livelihoods programs.

Rainforest’s ability to deliver on its promise of protecting endangered species, protecting habitats, increasing biodiversity, conserving fresh water resources, reducing climate change risks and supporting small-scale sustainable agroforestry practices is greatly enhanced due by this invaluable funding package from FFI as well as other donors like The Walt Disney Company foundation and The World Land Trust. The added financial security provided by this package will enable Rainforest to continue its work on the ground and empower people living in rainforest communities with an opportunity not just for long-term individual improvement but also for heartfelt collective progress worth celebrating for years into the future.

How the funding will benefit the industry

The fund’s ultimate goal is to provide the necessary resources for rainforest conservation, sustainable development, and restoration efforts in areas with limited access to financial capital. In addition, it will facilitate the protection, conservation, and sustainable use of the rainforest by ensuring that resources are used for projects that have a proven positive impact on the environment and local communities.

The funding bodes well for economies dependent on rainforests as it will enable them to implement more efficient land management systems, invest in responsible agricultural practices, provide education and training to further promote awareness of rainforest preservation and sustainable development initiatives.

In particular, it will help provide much-needed capital investments in infrastructure projects such as roads and ancillary facilities which provide access to remote rainforest regions. In addition, improved land management practices will ensure minimal destruction or damage of land enabling surrounding ecosystems to remain balanced while providing economic benefits through activities such as ecotourism.

The investment also makes possible capacity building through education initiatives aimed at helping communities become better stewards of their natural capital while promoting economic activity such as value-added products derived from renewable resources available in the area. In addition, such activities generate income opportunities which can be reinvested into local schools or health care facilities to improve quality of life standards in these regions.

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