Are you moving your home soon and worried about how to manage the packing, moving, and settling in part? Well, it surely is a mountain of a task, and you definitely need help if you want to make your process smooth and stress-free. From packing each and every tiny bit of your home, in a way that it stays safe and secure, to moving it in safe transport, and then unpacking and setting it up at your new place is surely a mighty task.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of everything you haven’t been using lately and are probably never going to in the future. So, let’s go through the process in a step-by-step manner!

Step 1: Plan the Move

Once you have gone through an extensive decluttering process, you now need to plan out the move. Since you might consider taking up a moving service, you need to make sure you have smooth communication with the team. You might want to visit your new place and, based on the rooms, decide what objects, furniture, and other house stuff you need to get in first. Then, move those objects in the same order so you receive what you want to set in first at the beginning, and those objects that can wait longer, at the end.

For example, you might want your Refrigerators, Freezer, cooking utensils, and furniture on the first go, and stuff like decoration pieces, plants, and clothes may come in later on. To make sure you are in smooth communication with your moving team, get your home internet installed at your new place as soon as you reach there. We recommend you go for a fast and reliable internet connection like WOW Internet so you don’t have to worry about a communication lag with your mover.

Step 2: Label All Your Packages

After planning and before moving, make sure you label all the packages that you seal so that it is easier to unpack at your new place. By labeling each box, you will get a clear idea of what it holds, and you can then unpack it exactly where it is needed. This will reduce the mess at your new home. So for instance, a box labeled ‘Kitchen appliances’ can simply be transported directly into the kitchen for storage instead of stacking it up in another room where it will only add up to the mess.


So be smart and pack your belongings according to where they will need to be unpacked so you’re already half sorted.

Step 3: Get Your Official Address Changed for Deliveries

Another very important thing to take care of when you’re moving is to get your address changed. This will help you keep track of all your mail, deliveries, and other utilities. If you don’t get your address transferred officially, all your important documents, bank mail, and even your new deliveries might still be delivered to the old address. This can be a huge trouble as you’ll have to constantly travel back to your old address constantly to get your mail.

Step 4: Get Fragile Items or Pets Moved Separately

Now your delicate and fragile items like decorative pieces that may easily be broken or damaged on the move need to be packed, transported, and delivered separately. You can get a separate box with the fragile sign to carry these items and try to get them all transported in the same delivery car for extra caution. The fragile symbol will help your movers know that they need to be especially careful with these boxes.


If you have any pets, you should make sure that before you move them, all hazards at your new place have been removed, and their space has been set up so there is confusion for them at any point. It is best to move your pet yourself so they stay calm and comfortable. No one can treat your pet with the love and care that you can!

Step 5: Look for Utilities and Resources at Your New Place

When you’re moving to your new place, you might be moving around to and from your new place quite frequently. This is a great time for you to explore places in the vicinity and get to know more about the services and utilities available to you. If you go to a gym, look for one near your new home, a supermarket for groceries, and a park to take your kids or pets out to. This is a very important step to settle in because the sooner you feel at home in your new place, the better it is for you and your family. So start the hunt!

Concluding Note

Moving your home is a big task. You pack your entire life from one place and move it to another. This is not only a physical move but also an emotional one. You need all the support to settle in and feel at home. So make sure you successfully move all your personal belongings safely and unpack smoothly so you can start enjoying your new place at the earliest.