A cross-country move is among the most stressful situations a person must contend with, one where most people want to find help from close friends or loved ones or look for an affordable professional service.

The trip alone will be exhaustive, not to mention ensuring the safety of personal belongings along the way.

Typically, the massive undertaking benefits more from the assistance of full-service, long-distance traditional movers; please click here for details on leaders in this industry. These teams offer peace of mind that your things will arrive with minimal chance of accident or incident resulting in damage.

The professional moving crews will come to your current residence to load your personal possessions into their trucks safely and securely, haul your precious cargo to the new destination safely and securely, and then unload the items into your new household.

With added costs, some moving companies will offer packing/unpacking services. Professional moving, whether with the packing/unpacking choice, can be an incredible investment, but the expense is worthwhile considering what you save in time and protecting your personal belongings.

Tips On Finding the Best Cross-Country Moving Company for A Smooth Relocation

With the right cross-country movers, you can experience peace of mind that your personal belongings will arrive at your new destination without incident. These teams will present as credible and allow a sense of trust, making the process easy and straightforward instead of stressful and exhaustive.

With the many long-distance crews available, you want to make sure you’re getting the best for your specific moving needs, one that will put your best interest as a priority; offer packing/unpacking if that’s something that will make the process easier for you and keep things within a reasonable budget.

Find tips on choosing cross-country movers at and then follow here for further hints on how to find a service that will offer confidence when moving from one part of the country to the next.


The research

When choosing an outstanding long-distance moving company for your relocation, extensive research is critical, considering the volume of services available on the market.

A primary resource is word of mouth, which can vouch for movers’ reputations from past and current clients with successful experiences using their services.

You can confirm these accounts from references and testimonials found on social networks or the company website, with third-party review sites, and from authoritative ratings. If there are complaints, take these as an opportunity to see how a company handles a poor customer experience.

How the movers resolve the dissatisfaction speaks volumes for how they handle consumer support and their integrity as a company.

While the company should have a digital presence, you want to make sure there is a physical address with a fleet where you can visit the office to discuss the terms of the contract.

Licensing and insurance

Moving companies that take clients from one state to the next are mandated to have an individual USDOT- United States Department of Transportation license number. This can be validated on the public page of the website, along with all companies’ insurance statuses.

If the movers are not licensed or are uninsured, the company should be avoided. If the business implies they have these credentials but is hesitant to provide copies to confirm their existence, avoiding these movers is wise.

A reputable company won’t hesitate to supply the requested details; they’ll make these readily accessible on their website.

Years in the industry

A company will gain experience in every facet of moving over time. If long-distance movers have years in the industry with a solid reputation of reliability and quality, have an edge over the competition, and exceed the expectations of their customers, these are movers with whom you can have confidence in handing over responsibility for your personal belongings for a cross-country move.

DIY Or Hire Movers

Moving is among the most stressful and exhaustive experiences, with many people vowing only to make a major move once. It’s not always feasible to keep that promise.

A primary decision when making these moves, particularly when heading across the country, is whether to handle it in a DIY capacity or hire a professional moving service. Read here for guidance on whether movers are worth it.


Long-distance moving requires a lot of planning and an incredible amount of work. Weighing the advantages and downsides of each option is vital as they pertain to your particular situation. Of course, doing it on your own will mean considerable savings, staying within a reasonable budget.

The best long-distance professional moving service will allow a less stressful, straightforward, and simpler transfer, but you will make an investment in that experience.

With that price point, you’ll be confident that your personal belongings will be transported a considerable distance with minimal chance of an incident that could result in damage or potential loss.

Typically, you’ll have a whole house to pack and move when transferring across the country.

In this case, allowing a budget for movers to pack/unpack, load/unload the haul in a moving truck, and transport it to the new destination makes sense if for no other reason than to avoid the liability of driving a rented moving truck with all of your possession so far.

Also, it’s often worth the price point to hire a company to handle each aspect of the move, considering the logistics of each step involved in a DIY move.

These would ultimately consume a budget when you factor in packing supplies, fuel and mileage for the rental truck, accommodations and dining while on the road, not to mention the possible safety hazards plus missing an incredible amount of time from work.

While the costs between the options can be comparable, the quality and convenience of the moving service exceeds that of the DIY scenario.

Final Thought

Moving across the country is a massive undertaking that creates extreme stress and is exhaustive, to say the least.

While people consider doing it on their own, the costs can be comparable to hiring a professional long-distance moving service when factoring in the variables associated with preparing, packing, and putting in the work.

The difference with a reputable, reliable, professional cross-country moving service is you get quality, convenience, and the confidence that your personal belongings will be moved with little likelihood of an incident resulting in damage or a loss.

This option saves much time and effort and is more cost-efficient with your effort to make the arrangements.