Postponing bathroom remodeling is quite common since most of us tend to prioritize other rooms of the house in which we spend more time, like the kitchen, the living room, or the bedroom.

But, unlike what it is believed, bathroom design is indeed important. We certainly spend little time using that room, but we do it daily and talk about our most private moments of the day, during which we should feel comfortable and relaxed.

The sensation of calmness when entering a fancy bathroom, where everything seems to fit perfectly, is the primary proof that bathroom design matters and can make a difference.

So, if you want to stop postponing your bathroom remodeling, this article will help you get started by going through the top designs for 2023.

But before we discuss design and styles, let’s talk about how to approach our bathroom remodeling without getting overwhelmed by the project.

Bathroom Remodeling

One of the main reasons we tend to postpone bathroom remodeling is that we immediately get the idea that it is messy and quite expensive.

But that is not entirely true. Nowadays, there are many alternative ways of creating a completely new room for your house. By hiring a bathroom remodeling company, we can find a solution that will save time and nerves while providing the exact design that our place needs.

In the last years, a new concept of remodeling has emerged, prompting the creation of companies that offer fast renovations and reasonably convenient discounts for the bathroom remodeling.

Sometimes, we can access a one-day remodeling, which is an excellent way to finish the process without leaving the house.

How to Access a One-Day Bathroom Remodeling?

If you don’t want to invest much time and money in renovating your bathroom, opting for a one-day bathroom is the best option.

The first step is to get in contact with a remodeling company. Going for a specialized bathroom company is highly recommended since we are talking about a very particular room with pipes involved.

After contacting the company, you will be offered different styles you can pick. Then, after describing the main features of your current bathroom to an expert, you will be handed an estimated cost.

If you confirm that you can afford it, a team of specialists will visit your house and evaluate your bathroom situation. They will create a project for your bathroom remodeling with all the collected information. At this point, you will access the final cost of the process and decide if you want to go further with the renovation or leave it for another time.

If you opt to go through the renovation process, you will be offered financing options to pick from, and after making the first payment, the remodeling will start.

The fact that they are one-day remodeling processes does not mean that the quality of it is low. On the contrary, most reputable companies use durable products and provide their customers with lifetime warranties.

Best Designs For 2023

The only way to create a perfect place for you is to make it as you believe it must be. Below, we will go through some of the top bathroom design trends for 2023 in order to help you find which you like the most. We recommend making your design, taking what you want, and can afford to buy the most of each style because nothing makes a place more beautiful and comfortable than personalization.

  1. Showers

One of the main activities we do in a bathroom is bathing. There are many different designs to create the perfect place to take a bath. The main objective of each invention is to create the perfect balance between functionality and style to provide the ideal user experience.

Walk-in showers are one of the main trends of 2023. They are the best solution to create a vast space to improve your bathing experience and are more affordable than tubs.

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Walk-in showers paired with glass enclosures are the best way to create a spacious minimalistic sensation that is also functional and affordable.

Another advantage of walk-in showers is that they are accessible to everyone, including elders and people with disabilities.

     2. Goodbye to White Tiles

For some years, minimalistic white tiles were the primary trend for bathrooms and kitchens. But those days are over. Currently, bold and personal tiles are the way to go.

Don’t hesitate to pick those colorful tiles you love because they will give your bathroom a trendy look and, more importantly, reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable in your place.

     3. Wood Vanities and Accessories

Renovating bathroom vanities is necessary to create a new space with a lovely style and improved functionality.

Even though for many years, white vanities were the primary trend, nowadays, they are switching to wood. To create a relaxing, spa-inspired environment, opting for wood vanities and accessories raised by the organic style trend and warm colors is indispensable.

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The good news is that this trend allows you to recycle and provide new functionality to your old furniture to create original and personalized vanities.

       4. Geometric Shapes for Decoration

Sustainability is still the central concept behind the decoration. This means that whatever we use to create a perfect environment within our bathroom must be eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan.

But sustainability is now paired with bold patterns and textures to add vibrant colors in geometric shapes to your bathroom.

Linens, baskets, mirrors, and many bathroom accessories will come with pop-up patterns, in some cases inspired by African designs, to create a unique space.