If you, as a company or real estate agent, are looking for an effective solution to present your unfinished property to clients, investors, and municipal councils, then Interactive 3D Masterplan App is a step towards attracting your target audience, improving communication, and ensuring transparency.

Master planning in real estate involves the use of virtual reality. Using a three-dimensional computer environment, clients can explore properties in detail.

Immersion in virtual space allows you to interact with objects, manipulate them, and perform various actions. In the real estate industry, developers use VR technologies at the design stage to create virtual tours and staging, as well as interior and exterior renderings.

Interactive Mapping

An interactive map is a roadmap with interactive elements that allow users to explore and interact. First, to create an app, developers need to complete the traditional planning process to outline development goals and strategies, building types, layouts, and future infrastructure. They then convert that masterplan app into an interactive format, creating digital maps and other visuals that can be viewed and interacted with.

Interactive 3D Master Plan Includes

The elements of the app depend on the features and objectives of the project. Most often, the main elements include:

  • Maps and charts
  • Videos and images
  • Information blocks with details and specifications
  • Links to additional resources
  • Layered maps

Benefits of Interactive 3D Master Plan

A high-quality and thoughtful application ensures an unforgettable walking experience. It introduces users to the features of the project and gives a clear idea of how the project will function, be it in a major city or a rural area.

In addition, Interactive 3D Master Plan is a valuable tool for companies. It can solve budget problems, improve marketing strategies, and streamline processes, benefiting the construction business and the client.

Benefits of Interactive 3D Master Plan include:

Interactive 3D Master Plan is a Bridge for Seamless Communication with Clients

The functionality of the application answers all questions without forcing the user to look for answers on their own.


This engaging way of presenting concept mockups and design elements solves the visualization problem while providing an immersive experience. It also allows you to tailor visual models to the individual preferences and requirements of stakeholders, investors, and buyers, thereby establishing a deeper connection with them.

Interactive 3D Master Plan Attracts the Attention of Potential Investors

A well-made app is an effective solution for obtaining additional funding.

An attractive and comprehensive plan that includes the layout, features, and land use of the property helps paint a picture of the future and establish trust with investors.

Interactive 3D Master Plan Increases the Desire to Buy

It allows you to create precise and detailed visual models tailored to your buyers that meet their individual needs and lifestyles, as well as highlight the unique features of the project.

Thus, the use of Interactive 3D Masterplan increases sales by providing buyers with an accurate idea of what they are looking for.

Interactive 3D Master Plan is an Effective Marketing Strategy

Unlike traditional methods, it offers multiple perspectives, walkthroughs, exterior and interior images, as well as detailed descriptions of features and specifications.

Interactive master planning breaks down the wall between imagination and reality. This approach allows the project to be demonstrated over the long term and shows how the property will fit into the local environment and economy.

Interactive 3D Master Plan is a Perfect Tool in The Development Process

Interactive 3D Masterplan Application can clearly showcase and highlight project elements and development concepts for planning committees, stakeholders, and potential buyers and investors.

It provides feedback from stakeholders involved in the project, which speeds up the development process and allows for adjustments to be made to the project if necessary.

Features Of Interactive 3D Master Plan

The goal of Interactive 3D Master Plan is to provide an easy-to-understand plan that users can navigate and interact with. Such an application includes five key features:

Information. To ensure a transparent master plan, planners need to include a wealth of information, including building types, descriptions of facilities and amenities, budgets, as well as specifications of the surrounding area and community.


Cooperation. Since master plan applications are used by various project stakeholders, government officials, community members, and companies, they include features that promote collaboration and seamless communication among all of these involved groups.

Interactivity. Many interactive master plan applications include features that allow users to provide feedback and information about the plan, such as comments, questions, and suggested changes.

Visualization. Interactive land use maps, 3D models of the project and the surrounding area provide multiple perspectives on the proposed development.

Accessibility. Interactive master plan applications must be accessible to a variety of involved parties, regardless of their devices and Internet connections. It is also crucial that such an application is convenient for all users, both people with a technical background and users with minimal or no technical knowledge.

The Value of Interactive 3D Master Plan for a Real Estate Business

Interactive 3D Master Plan is the latest technology that helps set you apart from your competitors. This is a valuable tool that can make your projects more attractive to buyers, as well as improve communication with stakeholders and planning committees.

3D Interactive Master Plan provides:

  • Comprehensive overview of the project
  • Visualization of final results
  • Progress tracking
  • Evaluation of different options
  • Increased ROE