dragon age inquisition charge with soldiers or take mountain path

Dragon Age Inquisition Charge With Soldiers or Take Mountain Path

If you decide to charge with soldiers, you can leverage their strength in numbers and combat prowess. This approach allows for a direct assault on your enemies, potentially overpowering them with sheer force. However, charging into battle may also result in higher casualties among your troops and require careful tactical planning to ensure victory.

On the other hand, taking the mountain path offers a more strategic approach. By utilizing the rugged terrain and elevation advantage, you can potentially surprise your enemies and gain a tactical edge. This path may offer opportunities for stealthy maneuvers or ambushes that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. However, it’s crucial to be prepared for potential obstacles along the way and ensure that your party is equipped for traversing challenging terrain.

Choosing The Right Path

The Benefits of Charging With Soldiers

When faced with the decision of whether to charge with soldiers or take the mountain path in Dragon Age: Inquisition, there are several factors to consider. Opting to charge with soldiers can offer a range of benefits that can greatly impact your gameplay experience.

  1. Increased Power: Charging head-on with a group of skilled soldiers provides you with a significant advantage in terms of sheer power. With their combined strength and tactical abilities, your chances of overpowering enemies and successfully completing missions are greatly enhanced.
  2. Better Defense: Having soldiers by your side not only amplifies your offensive capabilities but also bolsters your defense. They act as a buffer between you and enemy forces, absorbing damage and providing valuable support in dire situations.
  3. Enhanced Strategy: Soldiers bring a wealth of combat experience and knowledge to the table, allowing for more strategic approaches during battles. Their presence enables coordinated attacks, flanking maneuvers, and effective crowd control strategies that can turn the tide in your favor.

Advantages of Taking The Mountain Path

On the other hand, choosing to take the mountain path offers its own set of advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. Exploring this alternative route can yield unique opportunities and rewards.

  1. Stealthy Approach: By traversing through rugged terrain and utilizing natural cover, taking the mountain path allows for a stealthier approach compared to charging headlong into battle. This can prove advantageous when facing powerful foes or attempting to infiltrate enemy strongholds undetected.
  2. Strategic Advantage: The high ground provided by the mountain path grants you an inherent strategic advantage over enemies below. It offers an elevated vantage point from which you can survey surroundings, plan ambushes, or unleash devastating magic attacks from above.
  3. Hidden Treasures: Venturing along less-traveled paths often leads to hidden treasures and secret discoveries. Taking the mountain path may unveil hidden caches, rare items, or even unlock new quests that can greatly enrich your gaming experience.

Considering Your Resources

Evaluating Your Available Soldiers

When faced with the decision of whether to charge with soldiers or take the mountain path in Dragon Age Inquisition, it’s crucial to consider your available resources. One key factor to evaluate is the strength and composition of your soldiers. Take a close look at their abilities, levels, and equipment. Are they skilled warriors ready for battle, or are they ill-prepared for a challenging encounter?

Consider assessing the following aspects:

  1. Combat Skills: Evaluate each soldier’s combat skills. Are they proficient in melee combat or ranged attacks? Do they possess any special abilities that can turn the tide of battle?
  2. Experience Level: Take into account the experience level of your soldiers. Higher-level characters may have more advanced skills and higher survivability.
  3. Equipment: Assess their equipment, including weapons, armor, and accessories. Upgrading their gear can significantly enhance their combat effectiveness.

By thoroughly evaluating your available soldiers, you’ll gain insight into their capabilities and be better equipped to make an informed decision.

Assessing The Conditions of The Mountain Path

Turning our attention now to the mountain path option in Dragon Age Inquisition, it’s essential to assess its conditions before making a choice. Consider these factors when deciding whether it’s a viable route:

  1. Terrain Difficulty: Reflect upon the terrain difficulty along the mountain path. Is it treacherous with steep inclines and narrow pathways? Such conditions may hinder progress or potentially put your party at risk.
  2. Environmental Hazards: Determine if there are any environmental hazards present along this route—things like falling rocks, avalanches, or dangerous wildlife that could pose a threat.
  3. Exploration Opportunities: Consider if taking the mountain path offers any unique exploration opportunities such as hidden treasures or encounters with rare creatures.


When faced with the choice of charging with soldiers or taking the mountain path in Dragon Age Inquisition, carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Consider your party’s strengths, the terrain you’ll encounter, and the specific objectives of your mission. By making an informed decision based on these factors, you’ll increase your chances of success in this epic adventure. So go forth, embrace the challenge, and may victory be yours!