Stainless steel seems likely to remain a favorite in manis. No one is complaining if the sustained interest in stainless steel bathroom products is any indication.

Where in the Bathroom Can I Use Stainless Steel?

Picture any random bathroom or your dream bathroom. Most fixtures can be made from stainless steel.

Want your bathroom to make a statement to all who walk in? Embracing industrial chic with stainless steel bathroom sinks may be all you need to create that look.

Want a cozy, homely feel in the bathroom? Add some colorful accessories to warm up the stainless steel surfaces.

Here are some examples of how you can incorporate stainless steel items in your bathroom:

  1. Bathroom sinks—Available in various shapes and sizes, stainless steel bathroom sinks are one of the best ways to give the bathroom a modern touch.
  2. Vanity sinks—Stainless steel vanity bathroom sinks show you’re stylish and not afraid of your fun side. Choose ones in unique, custom shapes to turn on the charm.
  3. Stainless steel shower systems—These bring the sophistication game in the bathroom up a notch.
  4. Faucets—Let your personality shine through your stainless steel faucet collection. Go all out and choose a design and style that reflects your style.
  5. Paper and towel holders—Another example of the stainless steel accessories that allow you to express your style. Paper and towel holders come in so many types you’ll be hard-pressed not to find a couple of designs that appeal to you.
  6. Bathroom furniture—Stainless steel bathroom cabinets, shelves, and bathtub side tables give your bathroom a contemporary appearance.

Why Use Stainless Steel in the Bathroom?

Well, for starters, stainless steel has remained popular over the decades, and for a good reason: It adds refined elegance and a modern look to any space, making it an excellent addition to the bathroom.

That’s certainly not the only reason you should be eyeing stainless steel bathroom fixtures and appliances. Other qualities that make this material perfect for the bathroom include:


Stainless steel adds a heavy dose of sophistication to the bathroom, whether you use it as the dominant metal in the space or as an accentuating metal. This versatility makes using stainless steel such a delight.


Make it the primary metal—meaning it becomes the material of choice for most bathroom surfaces, fixtures, and appliances. Or let it complement any other metal you choose to be the dominant material in the bathroom.


The neutral gray color of stainless steel complements diverse decor styles. Use it to emphasize an industrial look if you’d like your bathroom to exude that, or add it liberally for minimalist appeal.


The bathroom environment is humid, and surfaces are constantly exposed to water and prone to corrosion. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and withstands this high humidity well, so constant exposure to moisture will not damage any stainless steel products you have in the bathroom.

Easy Maintenance

It takes little to maintain bathroom stainless steel accessories. Gently wiping the surfaces using a microfiber cloth dabbed in a dish soap and water mixture gets the job done. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the surface and wipe it clean with white vinegar.

Alternatively, use stainless steel cleaner or polish. Such product-specific cleaning solutions usually contain essential oils that remove smudges and leave the surface spotless.

Coolest Ways To Make Your Bathroom Stainless Steel Fixtures Stand Out

You should consider more than just picking the first stainless steel item you come across when choosing your bathroom fixtures and fittings. Doing so will help you create the best look in your bathroom.  

Keep the Sizes Proportional

Keep the size of your bathroom in mind when choosing accessories. Choose small items for a small bathroom and vice versa for a large bathroom.

Mix Your Bathroom Materials

It’s okay to use different materials in the bathroom, so feel free to pick another material to complement your stainless steel bathroom items. Interior designers suggest using two or three metals in a room. Avoid using more than three because the space will then become chaotic.

The rule of thumb in accessorizing with metals is to pair metals with similar undertones—stainless steel, which has warm undertones, pairs well with similar metals like brass and nickel.


If you need help choosing your metals, ask for recommendations at the store where you’re buying from. Many stores have experts on standby to answer questions and guide you in selecting the most suitable items.


Adding a stainless steel fixture or two can bring stylish glamor to your bathroom. Start with small items like faucets, paper holders, and trays to see how you like the new look. Or go for the big purchases like stainless steel sinks, showers, and cabinets and enjoy the striking difference they make.