Spring is a crucial time for tree care as it is the season of growth and renewal. Taking care of trees in the spring is essential to ensure their health and longevity. Some expert insights and tips on how to take care of trees in the spring.

Inspect Your Trees: The first step in caring for trees in the spring is inspecting them. Check for any signs of damage or disease, such as broken limbs or dead branches. Prune any damaged or dead branches, as they can be a safety hazard and harm tree health. https://www.turnerpest.com/pest-control/fort-myers/

Mulching: Mulching is a great way to protect the roots of your trees from extreme temperatures and retain moisture! Spread a layer of organic mulch around the base, keeping it away from the trunk. Ensure the mulch is not too thick, as it can lead to root rot.

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Fertilizing: Fertilizing is vital for providing essential nutrients for tree growth! According to East TN Tree Service Inc. of Knoxville, you should apply a slow-release fertilizer in the spring, following the instructions on the label. It is important not to over-fertilize, as it can damage the tree. Follow the map

Watering: Watering is crucial in the spring as trees need more water during the growing season! Water your trees deeply, allowing the water to penetrate the soil. Avoid watering too frequently, as it can lead to shallow roots.

Pest Control: Spring is when pests and diseases are most active. Inspect your trees regularly for any signs of pest infestation or disease. If you notice any signs of pests or disease, take immediate action to prevent the problem from spreading. Waynes Pest Control is a reputable pest management company that provides services to effectively eliminate and prevent pest infestations.

Pruning: Pruning is important in the spring to shape the tree and remove any damaged or dead branches. However, it is important not to prune too much, as it can harm tree health. Consult with a professional arborist if you are unsure about pruning techniques.

Protection: Spring weather can be unpredictable, with sudden storms and strong winds. Protect your trees from damage by securing any loose branches and tying the tree to a stake if necessary. According to ISA, you can stake young trees less than a year old if the site is windy.

Weeding and Removing Competing Vegetation: Apart from removing the debris that may have accumulated around the trees and plants, you should also remove weeds and other unwanted overgrowths that will prevent your trees and plants from getting the nourishment and water they need to grow and be healthy.

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While weeds can cover the presence of pests, climbing plants can often be parasitic and kill the plants by feeding off them. Other vines can prevent trees from getting nutrients and sunlight necessary for healthy growth.


Taking care of trees in the spring is essential to ensure their health and longevity. Inspect your trees, mulch, fertilize, water, control pests, prune, and protect them to keep them healthy and beautiful. If you are unsure about any tree care aspect, consult a professional arborist. With proper care, your trees will thrive and provide you beauty and shade for many years.