Dealing with a kitchen that is associated with a relatively small footprint can be a bit frustrating. It might be challenging to perform everyday tasks such as cooking and washing dishes, but cramped dimensions may sometimes feel uncomfortable. Therefore, let’s look at a few practical ways to increase the space within your kitchen from both an aesthetic and a practical perspective.

Let There Be (More) Light

One of the best ways to provide the illusion of additional space is to use lighter colors when modifying the decor of your kitchen. A common example involves coating all walls with white or off-white eggshell paint (eggshell formulations are easy to clean). Furthermore, overhead light fixtures such as stylish chandeliers can be great additions if vertical space permits. If your kitchen enjoys plenty of ambient outside sunlight, opt for semi-transparent blinds instead of opaque fabrics.

The Organic Appeal

Another increasingly popular kitchen design trend is to provide guests with a more organic overall experience. While there is nothing inherently wrong with other materials, such as stainless steel or stone, these surfaces can sometimes feel rather cold and uninviting. Wood is, therefore, a viable alternative to consider. Thankfully, certain species are associated with lighter tones. This selection of acacia wood furniture is a perfect example of the sheer variety of designs and configurations that are available.


Avoid Clutter at All Costs

Although this next piece of advice is more akin to common sense, many homeowners nonetheless allow their kitchens to gather clutter over time. It is wise to implement a handful of innovative storage solutions that do not require a significant amount of space. Here are some interesting options:

● Install hooks above the oven to hang basic cooking implements.

● Mount a pegboard on the wall to store additional items.

● Take advantage of additional space within any nearby closets or laundry rooms.

● Pack away appliances that are not used frequently.


These tips and tricks can provide surprisingly beneficial results without overstretching a tight budget. Of course, it is still a good idea to experiment with different options and strategies to accommodate your unique tastes. The result will be a kitchen offering a comfortable and functional appeal.