Summer breaks have started in the U.S. Now is the perfect time to plan a vacation with your family. In summer 2024, family travels are anticipated to rise. There has already been an 8% increase from 2023 in accommodation searches for families.

Planning a vacation with your family doesn’t end with booking flight tickets or deciding the itinerary. A more complicated task that travelers are faced with is booking their place of stay. Lately, Americans have been booking vacation rentals instead of hotels since they consider the former more private and comfortable.  

The right rental can provide a home away from home, offering the necessary comforts and safety features to accommodate your little ones.

With countless options available, finding the perfect vacation rental for your young family is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But don’t worry, for we are here to help you out. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips that will help you select a vacation rental that meets the unique needs of your young family.

#1 Safety First

You must prioritize safety when searching for the perfect vacation rental for your family. Don’t assume that all vacation rentals are safe. You will have to do a bit of research in this regard.

Before you book a property for your stay, make sure it’s in a secure neighborhood. The area should be well-lit. Lighting deters theft and burglars, so you’ll probably be safe in a well-lit area.

Verify if the property is equipped with safety features. There should be fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide monitors. Should there be a fire outbreak or buildup of CO, these devices will come to your rescue.  

Look for child-proof features as well. Electrical outlets must be covered, cabinets must have locks installed, and window guards should be secured properly.


 If you plan to rent a property with a swimming pool, make sure it’s fenced and that child-safe locks are installed.  

#2 Take Into Account the Location

Location is also an important factor when searching for vacation rentals. You should choose a property in a location that is close to family-friendly attractions such as beaches and restaurants. When you choose such a location, you won’t have to travel long distances. This will save you time as well as money while maximizing fun.

You must also make sure that essential amenities like grocery stores, pharmacies, and medical facilities are nearby. Should there be any emergency or requirement for food, you won’t have to travel long distances.  

Take, for example, you’re traveling to Los Cabos. Del Mar Los Cabos remarks that Los Cabos is among the most beautiful and historically rich areas in Mexico. This location is attractive for both home buyers and tourists because lifestyle amenities are abundant. Whether you’re looking for exceptional restaurants, world-class golf courses, or water-based activities, this location has everything.

Cape cities San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas in Los Cabos have witnessed a flurry of new residential developments. You can book a vacation rental in these two cities. Moreover, the luxury vacation rental market is booming in Mexico along with several other countries.

A quick search for “best luxury vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas or San José del Cabo” will bring forth tons of options. Go for the one that fits your requirements as well as your budget.

#3 Look for Family-Friendly Amenities

A vacation rental equipped with family-friendly amenities can make your stay more comfortable.

Look for properties that offer high chairs, cribs, and baby gates. A vacation rental equipped with these will save you the hassle of buying or renting them.


Your chosen property must also have a washing machine and dryer. You won’t have to do the laundry yourself. Should there be any inevitable messes, you can simply toss the clothes or the bed sheets in the washing machine, and it will clean them up.

Inquire whether the property has games to keep kids entertained indoors. You can do so by calling the owner. Seek out rentals with a collection of children’s books, toys, and board games. These things will keep your child occupied while you unpack.

If you’re choosing a vacation rental with a backyard, consider outdoor amenities as well. Make sure there are slides, swings, or a sandbox so your children can enjoy the outdoors.

Don’t forget the kitchen, though. It must be equipped with all the appliances you will need to prepare meals for your family. There should be a coffee maker, microwave, toaster, rice cooker, and blender.

Putting it all together, finding the perfect vacation rental that fits the needs of your young family is challenging. Thoughtful planning and consideration is required. Make sure you follow these tips the next time you search for a vacation rental for your family.

Before you book any property, read reviews of other families who have stayed there. Those short snippets will help you understand if the property is suitable for young children. Also, communicate with hosts, especially if you have special needs. A good host will make special arrangements to ensure your stay is comfortable.