Window treatments are an essential feature when it comes to designing a living room. Blinds and curtains are popular options to upgrade your windows, featuring different design profiles. Selecting an ideal window covering can make a major impact on the whole room’s style and functionality.

If you are looking for inspiration to find the right curtain for living room styling, this guide is for you. We’ve come up with favorable ideas and considerations to have the best draperies and shades for your interior window upgrade. Let’s proceed!

Which Is Better? | Curtain Or Blinds?

Curtains and blinds exhibit distinct appearances but share similar characteristics. Each of them can be used according to the space’s design and window dimensions, and that’s why you must consider each aspect at the selection time. For a wide variety of options, you can visit Curtains Shop Dubai, ensuring you find the perfect match for your needs.


Curtains are designed for large windows to give your rooms a visual height. Also, it offers movement, complete coverage, and unlimited styles.


On the contrary, blinds are best for small windows that offer a slimline fit. They feature panels, slats, fabrics, louver options, and limited styles.

Helpful Tips To Select Ideal Curtains And Blinds For Living Rooms

Keeping the above-discussed aspect of window dimensions in mind, you can decide on the right shades and drapes. Here are the most beneficial tips to make the selection process convenient for every decor enthusiast.

Consider The Purpose

To get the ideal window coverings, first, decide on the function and purpose of the purchase. Whether it’s just for decoration or you are concerned about the functionalities it will serve. Selecting the window drapes and shades as per the practical requirements will help you narrow down the choices among the hundreds of options.

Look At The Interior Scheme

The scheme and design of every individual living room are undoubtedly different. Every type of curtain or blind is not suitable for a living space. That’s because the room style can be either modern or traditional. To create a cohesive or contrasting look, you can select each option of window covering accordingly, balancing out interior aesthetics.

Decide On The Style

Style is another influential aspect of finding the right window coverings. For a soft look and ambiance, you can look for neutral or solid color and pattern options. On the contrary, for bold aesthetics, you choose textured, dark, or vibrant schemes. Also, it depends on your personalized preferences as well.

Pick The Right Material

Selecting the right material is all about controlling the room’s functionality and aesthetics.


Curtains and blinds are made from transparent to opaque fabrications like sheer, silk, blackout curtains in Dubai, velvet, cotton, acrylic, polyester, damask, brocade, and voile. While blinds construction also involves the usage of wood, aluminum, plastic, PVC, bamboo, and steel beside the fabrics.

Select The Ideal Type

For blinds, you have multiple options including Roller, Roman, Duplex, panel, vertical, cellular, Venetian, sunscreen, and pleated. Aside from that, you have the flexibility to pick various curtains from the layered, paired, multi-panel, goblet pleat, pinch pleat, eyelet, goblet, wave, and cafe-style curtains.

Think About Convenience

Convenience and comfort are the factors that every homeowner looks for when investing in window coverings. Whether you select shades or draperies, you have the smartest choice of integrating a motorized system. With a remote control, voice command, and Alexa app, you can have operating convenience and utmost security.

Lighting, Privacy, & Insulation

Other worthwhile aspects to consider are privacy or light management and temperature regulation. Thick fabrications, wooden, and PVC materials are the best choices that will contribute to enhanced privacy, security, and thermal efficiency, helping you save on your electricity bill costs.

Size And Proportions

The size dimensions of blinds and curtains have a big influence on styling, light, and complete window coverage. When selecting window coverings, take accurate details for length and width and buy with extra dimensions of at least 2-4 inches to ensure the proper window coverage.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Low-maintenance window coverings are the best choices to have for your convenience. Most of the blinds and curtains are effortless to clean and maintain as simple dusting or damp cloth is enough to keep them in a pristine condition. You must invest in the stain, fade, mold, mildew, scratches, and moisture-proof options to have cleaning and aftercare ease.

Budget Requirements

Evaluate the style and option you want to invest in and set the budget for it accordingly. Compare the prices at different retail shops and online brands. Depending on the used materials’ quality, unique designs, and control options, window dressings can be costly.


However, you can bargain with the supplier for price concession or discount.

Trustworthy Retailers

Finding a reputable supplier is also essential to ensure a valuable investment. Must inspect the quality and durability and ask for a warranty and guarantee at the time of purchase. It would be great to buy the best quality blinds and curtains for long-lasting use rather than investing in cheap ones that will need replacement after a short time.

Final Thoughts!

Choosing the perfect window coverings is not just about styling rather it functionally serves you. Therefore, you need to be mindful when selecting the right Curtains in Dubai for living spaces. Both shades and drapes are beneficial in their own ways, adding the utmost practicality, convenience, and style to your rooms.

To find the perfect window fit, invest proper time in checking the fabrication, designs, colors, sizes, patterns, finishes, and textures. In addition, evaluate the function and purpose of having a blind or curtain set that is favorable for privacy, thermal efficiency, and lighting. Also, find a trusted seller and be sure to ask them about the maintenance, costs, and durability. Take note of the tips and considerations in this article for your upcoming living room window upgrade project!