The Hamptons style of interior decor has been around for over 300 years. Its origin is traced back to the affluent beachfront communities of the Hamptons, located on the eastern coast of Long Island, New York. Today, many people still seek this style for their interior decor because of the relaxed elegance and coastal charm it adds to any living space.

Achieving the Classic Hamptons style for your interior decor requires the right textures, Hamptons-style furniture, and luxurious nature-inspired interior decorations. But the very foundation of this decor style is a neutral color scheme.

The basic Hamptons color palette features all kinds of whites. However, subtle shades of other neutral and even bright colors can add subtle shades to create a timeless, elegant, and inviting look. Here are some of the colors that define the Hampton style:


As mentioned earlier, white is the foundation of a Hampton-style interior theme. We’re talking crisp white paint colors for the walls, light flooring, and furniture pieces with bright or semi-matte white colors.


The white color reflects lights, creating a soft and breezy ambiance that has become the signature feel of this interior decor style.

Shades of blue

The light blue color of the ocean is another recurring element of the Hampton style of home decor. You can incorporate different shades of blue, from soft sky blues to bolder navy tones. Blue brings a touch of the seaside into your home, and you can pick out upholstery, accent pieces, or artwork with this color scheme for your Hampton-style home.

Serene Greys

It would help if you tried shades of grey to break the stark white color and add some contrast to your Hampton-styled home.


Choose light greiges or cool grey tones because they perfectly complement the blues and whites. This color looks great for carpets, upholstery curtains, and blinds in your space.

Earthy Neutrals

Aside from grey, other earthy neutral colors like beige or sand can also fit into your Hampton-styled space. They add warmth and character when used as furniture, rugs, and other accessories. You can also use these colors for bedding, cushions, throws, and table linen to add depth and visual richness to your space.

Pops of Bright Colour

Although the Hampton interior decor style has a neutral palette, it’s okay to add a pop of color here and there to add some personality to your space. You can consider coral, mustard yellow, or soft greens. Use these colors sparingly on accent pieces or artwork.

Beyond choosing the right color, the ultimate goal in Hampton-style home decor is to maintain balance and symmetry. The proportion of each color you choose should be harmonious, as too much of one color can make the styling dull.