Security features in modern homes have become as stylish and advanced as possible. The Wi-Fi door locks are a prototype of this. These upgraded versions will appear when you search for smart locks for front doors. Since most urban houses rely on intelligent technologies, this addition will provide more high-end comfort and convenience for occupants with an enhanced safety mechanism. With these locks, you can control the accessibility of your home remotely. The keyless options introduce an element of luxury to the essential security requirement of your home. Hence, it’s worth considering this choice and understanding its significance.

  • Wi-Fi-Enabled Door Locks

Do you live in Woodburn? If you consult a locksmith Woodburn Oregon, about Wi-Fi locks, they can explain everything about their parts and functioning. For example, these door locks contain mounting plates, strike plates, screws, and deadbolts. The deadbolts of these sturdy door locks may include cable ports. Opening the top cover of the lock will give you access to its battery compartment. The mounting plate will have a rubberized back to protect your front door surface from scratches. The battery in the lock will be rechargeable through a micro USB port. Once fully charged, batteries can function for a minimum of one year. So, install the lock, prepare for the Wi-Fi mode, and insert the batteries in their compartment. After this, you can register it on your Wi-Fi network and manage the settings.


You will be asked to create a password or PIN code for the lock. Ensure to reconfirm the PIN code. The lock should be connected to the Wi-Fi and the phone app.

  • Safety Of The Wi-Fi-Enabled Door Locks

Even a locksmith Sandy Oregon can vouch for this door lock type for households because of its sturdiness and accessibility features. Most of these locks have stainless steel bodies, which tend to be strong. The intelligent deadbolts further make it a headache for intruders and burglars to tackle them. They would require facial features, fingerprints, passwords, or PIN codes as selected by you to get through. Suppose they hack the system. You can still monitor the front door to see who visited your place unauthorized. The connected phone app will record the activity. Forgetting to recharge batteries can prove costly sometimes. But you can also manage this situation if you have a backup key.

Does it bother you? You can understand all the nitty-gritty from your trusted local locksmith. They will address your concerns by explaining the features of a specific Wi-Fi door lock you intend to install at the front doors of your house.


Wi-Fi external door locks feature a touchscreen. Since you also get waterproof locks, wet weather conditions will bother you less. Plus, you will be notified whenever someone accesses the door. If you keep its batteries full, your life will be smooth and hassle-free with the smart lock of this nature.

Nevertheless, if something happens to them, you can rekey the door lock to maintain the integrity of your home’s security system. Also, some locks can have cameras, adding an extra layer of protection. So, what are your thoughts about Wi-Fi locks?