If a new sofa and coffee table are out of your price range, reworking existing elements can give you an updated living room.


The key to creating a stylish vignette is how you arrange the pieces. The decor triangle formula is good; you want tall, medium, and shortest items for visual weight and interest.

Try painting your bespoke wall art to add a touch of personality to your living room. Alternatively, displaying your books in a mini library creates an elegant and sophisticated look. You can even color-coordinate the books for a chic finish.

Lighten Up

Some design tricks don’t require a total overhaul of your living room. For example, a light jute rug can brighten up a dark space with its light hue.

Similarly, light-colored curtains allow natural and artificial light to bounce around the room. Silver and gold accents also work well in darker spaces, refracting light and adding shimmer to the décor.

Create a wall of shelves to showcase cherished items for an aesthetic and sophisticated feel. Color coordinate your books for an extra artistic oomph.

Redo the Furniture

Sometimes, the best living room decorating ideas involve rearranging what you already have. Start with the most significant piece, such as a Viesso sofa or chair, and position it toward the space’s focal point—a fireplace, gallery wall, or window.

Give your sofa a new look by adding a fresh slipcover or dip-dying it in a modern ombre color. Pile the couch high with pillows in various shapes and textures for an eye-catching look.

Make Your Artwork

Wall art can add a vibrant feel to the room and doesn’t have to cost much. Pick up a few inexpensive picture frames and make your gallery corner.

A large wall art can be hung above the sofa to create a focal point. Another option is to use sideboards or shelves to display small paintings, postcards, and photos.


Be aware of preexisting details like molding and hardwood floors. They can combine with your paint color to create a unified look.

Live Plants

Adding live plants in your living room is one of the best ways to refresh it. They add natural texture to a space and work wonders for a dreary, flat design. Choose leafy plants with varying textures, fronds, and leaves to create a visually exciting display.

Tall fiddle leaf figs and Monstera deliciosa work well on the living room coffee tables and mantelpiece shelves and are also right at home, trailing down from macrame hanging baskets. Vary the color of the pots you use to match or contrast with the foliage.

Mini Libraries

Stacking books on your coffee table instantly makes the room feel polished, but you can take it further by displaying a vase of leafy branches. The look is easy and affordable, adding a pop of color to the living area.

Create a standout home library wall by organizing books by color. Shelves topped with white book covers to keep the collection from competing visually with the rest of the room.

Repurpose Old Stuff

If you’re willing to put in some time, redoing and repurposing old furniture can save you a lot of money while adding an upscale look. Before you begin, evaluate your existing pieces and the needs of your space.


For example, if a dresser is tired, simply painting it with a new color can breathe life into it. You can also use repurposed wood to make decorative elements for the living room. For example, old wooden spools can be made into end tables.

DIY Artwork

Filling your living room with beautiful artwork can be an investment, but it’s a simple way to refresh your decor. Try some DIY wall art projects, such as woven wall hangings, modern floral art, and clay wall art.

Remember that preexisting details like crown molding, wooden beams, and hardwood floors can elevate a casual family room into a more formal space. Highlight these architectural features by painting them to coordinate with your new color palette.