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On March 11, 2021, Bloomreach, an AI-driven experience platform provider, announced that it had raised $150 million on a $900 million valuation, and had acquired Exponea, a customer data platform (CDP).

This acquisition is a major milestone for Bloomreach as it expands its capabilities to help companies improve the customer experience through AI-driven personalisation.

This article will provide an introduction to the Bloomreach and Exponea acquisition.

Overview of Bloomreach

Bloomreach is a digital experience platform backed by venture capital firms, including Bain Capital Ventures, Battery Ventures and Sequoia. Founded in 2009 by Raj De Datta, Krish Ramakrishnan and Imprin Goldschmidt, Bloomreach has emerged as one of the leading names in ecommerce technology through its online experience platform. The company provides a range of services to help guide businesses to create engaging customer experiences.

Bloomreach aims to make it easy for businesses to increase their revenue by delivering personalised and data-driven experiences with increased personalization accuracy using machine learning algorithms. With the company’s platform for digital commerce and content marketing, businesses can make product recommendations, design campaigns, cater to specific market segments or launch new services quickly.

Bloomreach also focuses on helping businesses maximise their return on investment (ROI) by providing user-generated data protection services and other analytics capabilities to ensure the customer gets the best possible experience in every transaction. Additionally, Bloomreach’s cloud-based platform enables companies to create mobile applications and use APIs allowing them more flexibility when it comes to product additions and updates. Recently, Bloomreach acquired Exponea which helps expand its existing capabilities around personalization analytics while providing insights into individual customers’ behaviour across multiple channels, offering marketers an even bigger advantage over their competition by providing a comprehensive 360 degree view of customers’ actions. At the same time, they shop in-store or online regardless of channel used by each user.

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Overview of Exponea

Exponea is a cloud-based omnichannel customer data platform designed to help businesses gain deep insights into customer behaviour and personalise interactions. It offers several tools, including website tracking, in-app tracking, push notifications, email automation and social media messaging for retaining customers. It also provides many data sources such as CRM systems and ERPs.

It enables marketers to track visitor activities on their webpages using analytics software and segment customers into different groups based on their purchase preferences.

Using Exponea’s analytical tools, businesses can accurately segment customers based on criteria such as geographical location or gender. The platform also provides numerous reporting options for visualising customer acquisition, engagement, or retention data. Advanced visualisation tools offer drag-and-drop user interface design elements and custom reports tabular view options split by dimensions such as page types and source campaigns.

With Exponea integration capabilities, businesses can utilise more than 300 API integrations between web services like Google Analytics and offline sources like POS software or ATMs machines. This allows them to analyse individual behaviour across multiple channels to gain powerful insights that can be used to improve marketing campaigns and customer engagement strategies.

The Deal

Bloomreach announced that it acquired Exponea in a $150 million deal. This acquisition comes after Bloomreach recently raised $150 million in a round that valued the company at $900 million.

The deal is set to extend Bloomreach’s capabilities and bolster its presence in the commerce, customer experience management, and marketing industries.

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Details of the deal

Bloomreach, a California-based digital platform for powering relevance-driven personalised experiences on websites, mobile apps, and conversational interfaces, has announced its acquisition of European customer data platform (CDP) provider Exponea. The two companies have worked since February, when Exponea joined Bloomreach’s partner network.

The deal’s financial details were not disclosed, but it is known that Bloomreach will now start offering the Exponea platform to its customers as part of their comprehensive suite of solutions. In a blog post announcing the acquisition, Bloomreach CEO Vineet Buch said: “To better meet our customers’ needs and serve them better in an increasingly challenging commerce environment, we need to go beyond offering optimization and personalization solutions – we must offer comprehensive customer understanding capabilities.”

Exponea covers all the key CDP functionalities such as segmentation and audience insights, emphasising marketing automation and real-time communication across multiple channels (SMS/Emails). As such, it will enable retail brands to use advanced methods to acquire better data insights that are very crucial in driving personalization efforts across digital properties. In addition to partnering with Bloomreach at an early stage of their journey in 2019, Exponea has worked with other established names such as Vodafone Czech Republic or Bayrock Group (Turkey).

This is Bloomreach’s second acquisition in the past three months; the first was dataxu Media Planning & Activation business in March 2021. With these acquisitions under its beltBloomreach is proving that it has serious ambition in building a quality product suite for large global retail brands.

Impact of the deal

Bloomreach’s acquisition of Exponea is expected to significantly impact the industry. Exponea is a leading provider of customer data and analytics solutions, providing a comprehensive platform that helps businesses to make informed and personalised decisions. The deal will bring together an innovative solution in customer data and experience management, guaranteeing improved analytics capabilities that enable businesses to gain insights into customers’ behaviour faster.

The integrated capabilities of both platforms are set to redefine how businesses manage their customer data and gain actionable insights from it. With more and better data insights than ever before, companies can now build entirely new personalised experiences for their customers and leverage them within Commerce & Marketing channels simultaneously. This means better personalization across websites, emails, social channels, and services like AI-driven product recommendation engines and segmentation tools.

Furthermore, the additional resources from Bloomreach’s financial backing could help expand the reach of Exponea into other countries besides its traditional European stronghold – creating even more opportunities for businesses worldwide to benefit from its advanced technology. With these combined forces on board, many more opportunities for improved marketing automation will soon arise!

Bloomreach raises $150M on $900M valuation and acquires Exponea

Bloomreach recently raised $150 million and acquired Exponea, a customer data platform, at a $900 million valuation. With its new round of funding, Bloomreach is focused on growth as it seeks to expand its customer base and invest in its product offerings.

This article will discuss the implications of this move and how it could affect the future of Bloomreach.

Bloomreach’s recent funding round

In October 2019, Bloomreach, a digital experience platform provider, secured $56 million in a Series D funding round led by American venture capital firm Fifth Wall. This series of investments marks the 5th round of investment for Bloomreach and includes additional funding from previous investors Bain Capital Ventures.

This funding round will support Bloomreach’s plans to build out its digital experience platform and accelerate growth internationally. The new funds will also facilitate the company’s recent strategic acquisition of Exponea, a personalization and predictive analytics technology company. As a result of this expansion, Bloomreach will be uniquely positioned to deliver personalised experiences at scale and actionable insights through its AI-driven personalization capabilities.

This latest milestone further underscores Bloomreach’s commitment to transforming commerce with data-driven approaches that enable businesses to create engaging shopping experiences while optimising business performance.

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Bloomreach’s plans for growth

Bloomreach, a leading platform for Commerce Experience Management, announced its acquisition of Exponea, a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP). This is a strategic move to gain an advantage in online retail and drive growth. With the addition of Exponea, Bloomreach will be able to offer even more powerful technology solutions while increasing its customer base.

This acquisition also reflects Bloomreach’s commitment to expanding its reach and adding new capabilities to its platform. By acquiring Exponea, Bloomreach will be able to tap into their deep data insights and spend analysis features that can help customers capture invaluable insights from their website visitors and refine campaigns with more targeted personalization tactics. Additionally, this integration will provide further visibility into the customer journey for digital marketers and merchandisers allowing them to optimise campaigns more effectively.

Overall, this new progress comes with great potential for increased revenue and improved customer engagement for all businesses powered by Bloomreach’s technologies. In addition, the acquisition of Exponea should help propel them even further beyond their already impressive market position as one of the many established leaders in omni-channel marketing solutions.

Exponea’s Contribution

Bloomreach recently announced the acquisition of SaaS marketing platform Exponea for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition comes as part of a larger funding round for Bloomreach, which was recently valued at $900M, resulting in $150M in new investments.

This acquisition will help Bloomreach further expand its enterprise capabilities, and Exponea will greatly contribute toward this goal. In this article, we’ll explore the implications of this acquisition in more detail and discuss what Exponea’s contributions may mean for the future of Bloomreach.

Exponea’s offerings

Exponea is a customer data platform (CDP) that offers various technologies that help marketers, product teams, and growth teams to rapidly understand their customers, offer personalised experiences, and grow revenues. The Exponea platform provides valuable insights into customer behaviour by combining data from numerous sources such as sales activities, social media channels, web analytics, and more into a unified interface.

The platform provides a wide range of capabilities to help marketers build stronger relationships with their customers:

  • Unified Analytics: Obtain insights from multiple sources in one place; get instant analyses like Funnel Reports or Cohort Analysis.
  • Data Management: Capture and store customer data in real-time across channels; leverage AI models to get deeper intelligence on individual behaviour.
  • Customer Insights & Segmentation: Create custom segments based on available criteria; analyse them with visualisations and reports.
  • Engagement & Personalization: Setup automated campaigns using dynamic personalization; automate multistage onboarding flows or loyalty programs.
  • Proactive Support & Predictive Churn: Receive triggered notifications when anything affects the customer journey; use AI powered tools to anticipate churn risks.

By using Exponea’s offering, marketers can develop highly personalised experiences throughout each stage of the customer journey resulting in improved retention rates, higher conversion rates and increased revenue growth.

Exponea’s impact on Bloomreach

The acquisition of Exponea, a customer data platform, by Bloomreach represents an enormously beneficial union. On the one hand, Bloomreach adds an enriching set of machine learning capabilities, cloud infrastructure scalability and marketing automation features to its portfolio. And on the other Exponea’s customers benefit from larger-scale services, mostly in North America and Europe.

Exponea has allowed Bloomreach to offer its customers a smarter and more sophisticated way to manage multi-channel campaigns. By combining both companies’ strengths into one product, marketers now have instant access to valuable customer insights that were previously difficult to obtain. This holistic view of customer behaviour provides a unified shopping experience across digital channels like web and mobile apps. In addition, it helps marketers develop more effective advertising campaigns tailored specifically to customer preferences.

In addition to its focus on AI-driven personalization and predictive analytics, Exponea also brings along an impressive list of customers from the ecommerce industry all around the world – some of them being jewellery specialist Pandora or electronics manufacturer Panasonic Europe – as well as various software integrations with providers such as Adobe Analytics and Mailchimp. As part of the union formed by Bloomrach’s acquisition, customers will have access to major enhancements in terms of increased scalability, greater speed in delivering personalised experiences across multiple channels while benefiting from advanced features like A/B testing or AI-driven testing automation new feature releases with faster deployment times.

With this new partnership, both companies have established better foundations for their long-term success strengthening their respective market share in the personalization technology sector while simultaneously allowing them to expand their services into new global markets -all while delivering maximum value for their clients.

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