Wear and tear makes it necessary sometimes to revisit your bathroom’s condition and take that hard call of renovating it. Many homeowners dread this expense. After all, one may have to change most elements, such as a countertop, sink, shower, etc. You can expect this endeavor to cost around USD$ 3k to USD 30k or more. It depends on the scale of the project and the bathroom size. In 2023, the national average for American bathroom remodeling costs is around USD 11k. It’s essential to know that the average price usually covers medium-scale renovation. You can check plumbing repair san jose for an estimate.

You can buy a new sink, countertop, shower, vanity, flooring, lighting, etc.

The good thing is you can secure desired designs and features with this amount. For instance, you can buy the perfect sink for any bathroom in the house. Nevertheless, achieving these things with 40 sq ft half bathrooms or 100 sq ft full bathrooms is possible. Let’s dig into this matter closely for a better understanding.

Remodeling Cost by Bathroom Size in 2023

Master and guest bathrooms will be the most expensive to repair and refresh. It can influence your bathroom improvement budget the most. Usually, it’s easy to revamp small or half bathrooms because they require less money with decent fixtures and materials. An 18 to 32 sq. ft. half bathroom may demand a budget of USD 3k to 10k, while a 20 to 146 sq. ft. full bathroom may ask for USD 7,000 to USD 20,000. Suppose your primary bathroom size is 40 to 210 sq. ft.

In that case, the cost should be between USD 14,000 and USD$ 25,000+.

Please note that these costs may go up or down based on the choice of items and materials.

Opt for affordable and durable options to keep your expenses in check. Discuss ways to make your project more pocket-friendly with your contractor.

Remodeling Cost By Showers and Bathtubs in 2023

You can buy a new shower for USD 4,445 to USD 2930. Replacements may involve additional demolition expenses of USD 60 to USD 108. Tile installation may cost around USD 6 to USD 11 per sq ft. Standard bathtub installations can happen for USD 600 to USD 1105. Again, the varieties are endless. A porcelain steel bathtub of 6 ft size can be available for USD 870.

However, freestanding models with massaging features will be expensive compared to regular ceramic and porcelain choices. The large luxury tubs may need you to splurge around USD$ 3k on their installation. You may be eager to get such a feature for its comfort. At the same time, it elevates your home’s resale value.

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Still, it’s better to know your options and the item’s affordability. Tub and shower with glass enclosing can range from USD$ 1600 to USD$ 2930. The tub and shower surround can cost USD$ 450 to USD 830. If you replace the tub, the cost can be around USD 600 to USD 1105.

Replacing the shower door can be possible within a budget of USD 420 to USD 775.

Remember, shower replacement costs depend on the choice of tiles also. Adding mosaics or any such high-end material will drive up your budget.

Remodeling Cost by Sinks and Countertops in 2023

Bathroom countertop installations require you to spend USD 46 to $ 330 per linear foot. If you demolish the old countertop, you may have to pay $2.85 to USD 5.25 per linear foot over and above. However, it also depends on the material selection. People with high savings usually opt for expensive materials like marble and granite. But you can cut corners with affordable yet attractive surfaces like ceramic tile, laminate, etc. Laminate can be accessible for $45 to $85 per foot by length, while luxurious materials require around USD 110 to $ 330 per foot lengthwise.

On the other hand, sinks can be an affordable buy. From vessels to under-mount, you can explore any design in a desirable material. You can get many modern and attractive designs even under USD 100. If you increase your amount, around USD 150 to USD 300, many premium styles can be within your reach.

Remodeling Cost by Cabinets and Vanities in 2023

Vanities and cabinets have a special place in the bathrooms. They are equally essential as a shower, sink, and toilet. National average estimates suggest the installation cost for these features can amount to USD 450 to USD 1255. Prices may vary based on the material you select. Demolishing older installations can cost you around USD 7-14 per foot by length.

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Usually, two-door cabinets come in USD 450 to USD 825, while four-drawer wall units can cost USD 685 to USD 1255. However, every remodeling requirements differ. You can have built-in storage, especially in a small bathroom. But most full bathrooms will have them.

You get two main options in cabinets – wall mount and floor based. Also, the size of the vanity depends on the size of the bathroom and the purpose of use. A master bath will definitely need a large vanity.

Remodeling Cost by Toilets in 2023

New toilet installation can cost about USD 480 to USD 940 per usual standards. Demolition will incur an additional cost of about USD 47 to USD 86, most likely. Again, you get floor-mounted and wall-mounted models. Floating options can save your floor area and make it look chic. But be ready to splurge USD 390 – USD 720 on this. The other version can be slightly cheaper, costing around USD 360 – USD 660. Since you need toilets in full and half bathrooms, you may want to avoid this cost by maintaining your old fixtures well. Ask your contractor if the existing ones are good enough to retain or need replacement.

You can break down your bathroom renovation cost with features like this for a fair idea of where you will spend what. For instance, flooring, lighting, paint, towel bars, grab bars, mirrors, and every other addition has a cost. Figure out your budget to give the bathroom remodel plan a proper shape and form. It will allow you to set aside a decent amount for this work. Just have some contingency funds as well. You never know what other situation may suddenly pop up and demand attention.