are mirrored closet doors out of style 2022

As an experienced interior designer, I’ve seen home decor trends come and go. One question I’ve been asked frequently lately is, are mirrored closet doors out of style in 2022? It’s an interesting query that deserves a closer look.

Mirrored closet doors, once a staple of 80s design aesthetics, have been met with differing opinions in recent years. Some view them as dated, while others see them as a practical solution for small spaces. The truth is, it’s all about how they’re used and styled.

Are Mirrored Closet Doors Out of Style in 2022?

A definitive yes or no to the question “Are mirrored closet doors out of style in 2022?” would be misleading. It’s essential to recognize that style is deeply personal. What might seem outdated or passe to one person could be charming and stylish to another.

Even within the realm of home design experts, opinions on mirrored closet doors are divided. Some argue that the mirrored look can make a room appear more spacious. It’s argued that they bring light into a room, giving the illusion of depth and space. Such features make them ideal for small bedrooms or those with limited natural light.

Conversely, the argument against mirrored doors generally gears towards aesthetic senses, primarily if they’re not employed thoughtfully. These shiny doors can sometimes feel slightly jarring in a room with a modern, minimalist, or rustic design.

Here’s what’s key – mirrored closet doors are about more than just trends:

  • Space – You might prefer them for their ability to enhance the sense of space in a room.
  • Light – Their light-reflecting properties might appeal to you if your space lacks natural light.
  • Practicality – The full-length mirror that these doors sport can often eliminate the need for a separate mirror.

If the mirrored closet doors match your style preferences and serve your space efficiently, don’t let the thought of them being potentially “out of style” stop you from using them in your interiors. It isn’t all about following the crowd; it’s about creating a comfortable space that screams you.

Pros of Mirrored Closet Doors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, or in this case, on the closet door, you might be more beneficial than we let on! Despite the ongoing debate on whether mirrored closet doors have lost their charm, they’ve proven to be more than just a mere reflection of oneself. Here’s a rundown on some noteworthy benefits of having mirrored closet doors in your personal spaces.

Enhance the Perception of Space

Regardless of the size of the area, a well-placed mirror can make any space seem larger than it really is. Interior designers have utilized this trivia for years to create an illusion of expansive space. So it’s not surprising that mirrored closet doors can easily dial up the spacious quotient of any room, especially the smaller ones. From studio apartments to compact bedrooms, these closet doors can effortlessly create a feeling of openness and depth that’s hard to surpass.

Cons of Mirrored Closet Doors

While there’s much to appreciate about mirrored closet doors, they are not without their detriments. It’s crucial to take these factors into consideration to ensure the design suits not only your aesthetic preferences but also the practical requirements of your space.

Require Regular Maintenance

First off, mirrored closet doors need regular maintenance to stay in top-notch condition. Unlike traditional, solid doors, these reflective surfaces are prone to smudging and streaking, especially in homes with children or pets. A mere swipe of a hand or a playful paw can leave a mark that impacts the appearance.

Moreover, cleaning these mirrors isn’t always straightforward. It’s not as simple as a wipe down with your average cleaning product and cloth, I’m afraid. It requires specific cleaning solutions to prevent streaking and scratching, and gentle yet thorough handiwork. In fact, the products used for window cleaning are often recommended for best results.


As we’ve seen, mirrored closet doors bring a blend of benefits and drawbacks. They’re a boon for smaller rooms, amplifying light and creating an illusion of space. If you’re always on the go, they’re a handy aid for quick outfit checks. Yet, they come with a maintenance caveat. They demand regular cleaning, are prone to smudges, and are more delicate than their wooden counterparts.