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Scratchpad, the productivity workspace for Salesforce, has raised $33M in a new funding round. The firm provides a custom productivity platform to help Salesforce professionals organize, monitor and collaborate on tasks in their Salesforce org. The funds will be used to expand the company’s global team and presence and improve the platform’s performance and enable better analytics.

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Let’s look more at Scratchpad, why it’s raised this new round of funding, and what it means for Salesforce users.

What is Scratchpad?

What is Scratchpad?

Scratchpad is a modern productivity workspace for Salesforce. Developed by the same team that built Quip, the collaboration platform acquired by Salesforce in 2016, Scratchpad makes it easy to customize Salesforce to build productivity tools quickly and easily.

Scratchpad provides an integrated set of services to accelerate the development of powerful, enterprise class custom apps. It combines real-time code editing capabilities with a powerful scripting language, making it easier for developers to build connected applications that leverage existing data from Salesforce investments.

Scratchpad offers developers the flexibility to create custom apps that can generate QR code for links. Allowing users to easily access relevant information or resources with a simple scan. This feature enhances the user experience by seamlessly connecting physical and digital realms through the use of QR codes.

The platform also offers user authentication and authorization services, allowing organizations to securely access data and control usage within a single system. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Scratchpad allows companies to create unique value-adds across the organization.

As of April 2021, Scratchpad has raised $33M in Series A funding led by CapitalG (formerly Google Capital) and teaming up with Meritech Capital Partners. The funds will be used to:

  • Expand both the number of users and verticals served through its platform.
  • Pursue further product expansion into adjacent automation markets like robotic process automation.

What does Scratchpad do?

Scratchpad is a productivity tool designed for Salesforce users. It provides integrated functions to help users get more out of their Salesforce applications, improving efficiency, workflow, and accuracy. Functions offered by Scratchpad include an advanced search function allowing users to quickly find information within Salesforce; Task Tracker, which allows users to keep track of their tasks and quickly view their progress; and Lightning Experience, which allows users to take advantage of next-generation features built within the platform. Additionally, Scratchpad offers its custom reports, giving you data-driven insights into performance and key metrics and enhanced collaboration through teams and folders. With Scratchpad’s intuitive user interface and powerful tools, it has become a trusted productivity partner for many Salesforce customers.

Recently, Scratchpad announced a successful Series B funding round of $33M, led by VC firm Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) with participation from existing investors Emergence Capital Partners (Emergence) and SAP’s venture capital arm SAP Investments (SAPi).

scratchpad 33m series series februarysawersventurebeat

This will enable the company to expand internationally and invest in technological advancements that increase user experience. In addition, this investment indicates the confidence in Scratchpad’s comprehensive set of features and its adoption in the Salesforce ecosystem as evidenced by enterprise customer success stories described in their own words on the company website.

Overview of Scratchpad

Scratchpad is an innovative productivity workspace designed to make it easier for users to maximize the potential of Salesforce. It offers users a simple and powerful way to interact with their Salesforce data and customize and adjust it to their exact needs.

Scratchpad has recently closed a $33M round of funding and is looking to expand its reach further. This article will look closely at how Scratchpad works and what makes it a unique and popular workspace for Salesforce.

Features and Benefits

Scratchpad is a powerful productivity workspace for Salesforce designed to help you make the most of your Salesforce data. With Scratchpad, users can curate their content intuitively and visually, making it easier to access and synched with the latest data – allowing companies to quickly uncover insights in the cloud.

At the core of Scratchpad is an intelligent theme extractor that searches through response history and customer conversations to surface relevant conversation topics.

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This helps teams boost efficiency by ensuring everyone is on the same page. Users also have contextual intelligence about their customers based on their past engagement which helps them make better informed decisions. In addition, users can create custom boards that give them remote visibility into mission-critical sales pipelines – helping them action changes quickly in real-time.

Scratchpad’s features provide numerous benefits for teams managing Salesforce data in cloud-based workspaces:

  • Integration capabilities let users sync content between multiple sources including email and geo-location;
  • Time management capabilities allow teams have remote visibility into their pipelines and track progress against goals;
  • Data analysis capabilities enable employees to uncover trends by breaking down large datasets;
  • Model training technology allows companies to build predictive models based on customer behavior;
  • Advanced search features search through response history and customer conversations to surface relevant conversation topics;
  • Contextual intelligence provides insights into customer journey analytics;
  • Machine learning algorithms automatically curate content for clients saving time by eliminating manual processes, providing predictive analytics that lead to quick insights.

Pricing and Plans

Scratchpad provides Salesforce customers with an intuitive digital workspace that helps them be more productive and efficient when managing their Salesforce data. In addition, Scratchpad offers three types of pricing plans to meet the needs of its clients: a Basic plan (free) for individual use, a Professional plan ($9/month per user) for teams and a Business plan ($30/month per user) for larger organizations.

The Basic plan is ideal for individual Salesforce users who are just getting started with the workspace. This free plan gives you access to basic collaboration tools—including shared folder access across different teams, public sharing and real-time notifications—so you can easily stay on top of tasks and track progress within one centralized platform. You also get unlimited database storage to securely store all your customer data so it is always at your fingertips.

The Professional plan is perfect for small teams who want to maximize team collaboration and efficiency on their Salesforce instances. This paid subscription includes all the features from the Basic plan plus additional features such as task management, analytics, template library, custom workflow designer customization, enhanced security options and more that make managing customer data across multiple devices simpler.

Lastly, the Business Plan is best suited for larger organizations that require maximum customization options with their Salesforce instances. This advanced version of the platform includes all features from both the Basic and Professional plans plus additional features such as extended security protocols, enterprise app integrations, a dedicated success manager and AI-driven insights that make it easy to gain valuable insights into company operations.

Scratchpad Success Story

Scratchpad, a productivity workspace for Salesforce, is making waves as it recently closed a $33 million Series A fund. Founded in 2017, Scratchpad enables users to quickly and easily perform multiple actions within Salesforce, improving productivity and efficiency.

This article will dive into the details of the Scratchpad success story and why it is so successful.

Scratchpad, a productivity workspace for Salesforce, raises $33M

Scratchpad, a revolutionary note-taking app with an advanced AI-driven user experience design, recently raised $33M in series A funding. The round was led by venture capital firm Wave Capital and was joined by top investors including Openfund and Talent Partners.

This impressive showing solidifies Scratchpad’s position as a leader in the technology space and marks the first time a note-taking app has taken on such significant investments. With their seamless user experience and dedication to artificial intelligence technology, this recent investment allows them to accelerate their work and bring us closer to a world where taking notes is effortless.

scratchpad 33m series 13m series februarysawersventurebeat

The funding will be put towards the development of new features including:

  • cloud storage integration
  • task management capabilities
  • connecting with other resources such as graphs, images, documents & more
  • enhanced collaboration tools

With all these advances, everyone can easily store, organize & find what they need whenever they need it!

Scratchpad Partners with Salesforce

Scratchpad, a productivity workspace for Salesforce, recently announced that it has raised $33M in Series B funding round lead by Meritech Capital. This latest investment values the company at over $500 million and validates the strong relationship between Scratchpad and Salesforce.

From the beginning, Scratchpad was designed to give Salesforce customers an easier way to connect all of their applications. It streamlines users’ workflows and drives real-time collaboration across complex organizations that use the powerful system. As a result, the combined force has come to be known as “the power of two” for allowing customers to use more of the experience-driven features that make Salesforce stand out from other CRM systems.

The continued partnership between Scratchpad and Salesforce is a testament to how important it is for companies to have user-friendly tools that can help them stay agile and efficient in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Together, they will continue building and delivering innovative solutions to keep their customers ahead of the curve and prepared for success in any market.

Scratchpad’s Growth and Expansion

Scratchpad, a productivity workspace for Salesforce, has become an invaluable tool for many organizations looking to manage customer relationships. Since its 2016 launch, the company has quickly grown to become one of the most popular workspace solutions in the world.

Scratchpad announced earlier this year that it has successfully raised $33M in Series B funding from top-tier venture capitalists such as Lightspeed Ventures and Index Ventures. This investment drove Scratchpad’s growth and expansion into new products and markets.

With more than 250+ partners, including some of the Fortune 500 companies, using Scratchpad daily, it is clear that it is becoming a staple for many businesses around the world. Scratchpad eliminates time consuming tasks with automated lead capture and task tracking solutions, allowing managers to focus on actual customer relationships instead of mundane administrative work.

In addition to offering businesses state-of-the-art productivity tools and insights integrated with Salesforce solutions, Scratchpad provides seamless integrations with other popular workplace applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. With these various integrations users are provided with one centralised command center that makes their lives easier.

Being backed by world-class venture firms provides Scratchpad greater access to resources which will help them unlock more potential in their products – making them even better suited for organisations globally while remaining at the top regarding customer relationship management solutions.


In conclusion, Scratchpad, a productivity workspace for Salesforce, has proven to be a highly successful venture. By raising $33M and becoming a popular feature for Salesforce users, Scratchpad has offered an invaluable service for many individuals and businesses. In addition, the success of Scratchpad is a testament to the power of innovation, and the potential of a cutting-edge product in the right market.

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