Adding personal style to your home doesn’t need to be a challenge. There are many simple, modern ways to include more of your personality in your home’s design.

We put together this post just for you so that you can create a home that reflects your personality. Using these ideas, you’ll see more of yourself in your interior design. So, let’s jump right in!

Add a Bold Accent on the Wall

First, adding an accent wall to your home is straightforward. All you need to do is change one of the walls in a room, preferably the one opposite the door, to another color or design.

You’ll want to choose a new color that matches the room’s theme while capturing your personality.

Accent walls capture attention and make a room more exciting. You’ll want to go bold to make it the space’s focal point. Try painting it a bright color or decorating the wall with new patterned wallpaper.

This project is easy to do on your own. You only need to repaint one of the walls for it to have an impact. You could also get a similar effect by adding a gallery wall or wood paneling to only one of the walls in the room. These options are very stylish.

Overall, consider going bold with an accent wall in your home. You can use it to add a lot of personality to any room in the house.

Get More Houseplants

Next, you’ll want to consider adding more natural plants to your home. They’re a great, simple way to add some style to any room. Plus, you can choose plants that convey more of your personality.

For example, a practical person may enjoy having an aloe vera plant in the home. You’ll feel drawn to certain plant species, so take your time choosing.

Houseplants also allow you to decorate with the planters they live in. You can choose the color, material, size, and planter’s design. What pots you place around the home can capture a lot of your personality.

You’ll also need to consider what houseplants you can take care of. Each species will have different care requirements, so ensure you can meet its needs first.

Plants are excellent for interior design because they add a splash of green and nature to the home. They even freshen the air inside, so they’re great to use.

Upgrade Your Flooring

You may also want to upgrade your flooring. Using reclaimed hardwood flooring is perfect because it’s simple, cost-efficient, and very chic.


Reclaimed hardwood has more character than new hardwood because it’s weathered the test of time. No two pieces will look the same, giving your space a unique appearance.

Choosing hardwood will also allow you to decorate with more cozy area rugs. You can use them to create spaces in your rooms. For example, lay the rugs out to make a lounging, socializing, and reading zone in your living room. This layout is very modern and looks organized.

Reclaimed hardwood is also incredibly durable. It’s much denser than new wood because the trees had more time to grow. You can use it in areas with a lot of foot traffic without it wearing down.

Plus, reclaimed hardwood carries a story that might relate to your personality. For instance, it can come from old farmhouses, sheds, and schoolhouses. These buildings have a history that might mean something to you. Introducing that history to your interior design will convey a lot of personality.

Create a Cozy Nook

You can also create a personalized nook in your home based on your hobbies. It could be a reading, knitting, or tea nook, to name a few examples. A meditation or fitness corner would be another good choice.

To make a cozy nook, you’ll want to focus on the corner of a room. Try adding a soft rug, a comfortable chair, and good lighting.

Then, focus on including more of your personal touch in the nook. More shelves and a small table are also outstanding choices for a nook. You can add several decorations to these surfaces.

Set Out More Photos

You’ll want to include more photos of you and your loved ones around the home. Any pictures of special memories that you have would be perfect. These images can make your space feel completely personalized. You’ll also choose the frames for them so that you can add even more of your touch to them. They can be professional snapshots or ones you took yourself. A mixture of both will add more personality to the space.


Family photos, vacation shots, and school pictures are all great options. Try arranging them on a gallery wall and along your stairs. You’ll also want to lay them on bookshelves and tables around the home. The more you have, the better!

Design a Memory Display

You can also create a memory display in your home. Set out your favorite mementos and keepsakes. Many people also use bulletin boards to display their favorite pictures. You can also include tickets, brochures, and other small items from your adventures.

Setting up displays like these can make your space feel much more personal. It’s also a great way to share your story with your guests.

Roll Out a Custom Rug

You could also choose a custom-made rug. Many online companies will design a new rug just for you. You can choose the colors, materials, and styles of these rugs. That way, they’re unique to your home’s design.

You’ll want to choose a custom rug that shows your personality. List what colors and patterns you’d like the most, then use those in the rug’s final design. Even small rugs can add a ton of personality to a space, so you can choose cost-efficient options.

Adding Personal Style Can Be Simple

To summarize, adding more personal style to your home doesn’t need to be a challenge. You can use these simple ideas to make a significant difference in your home’s design.