Moving to an acreage property is a dream come true for many individuals. They offer great privacy and are the perfect place to hide from the hustle and bustle of the city.

However, before you start making arrangements immediately, it’s important to take a moment to plan ahead. Unlike townhouses, there will be some additional factors to take into consideration.

In this article, we are going to discuss five things that you’ll need to think about when building a home on acreage.

Site Preparation

When you purchase a block of land, it might not be ready for immediate building. The site could require preparation first, including being cleared of existing trees.

This is something that you will need to calculate into your final cost. It could be weeks until you are actually ready to start laying the foundation.


It’s essential to choose a building company that has experience with acreage prosperities, such as these luxury home builders calgary. The right professionals already know the common challenges and how to face them.

House Placement

Having a big plot of land to build provides you with exceptional freedom, but that doesn’t mean you should place the house anywhere. In order to make the most of natural light and stunning scenery, you’ll need to find the best orientation.

But it’s not just aesthetics that this will improve. The right placement can reduce power usage by maintaining comfortable temperatures inside the home.

Power and Water Supply

If you’re far away from a town or city, chances are your new property will not be connected to any existing services. Water, electricity, and sewerage are all essential – not just for yourself but for your contractors.


Installing these systems should be one of your first priorities, and so should your research. There are a wide range of options to choose from, and you’ll need to pick something that is suitable for you and your family.

Vehicle Access

Vehicle access is a factor that can skip your mind, but it’s one of the first things you should think about. Large trucks and machinery must be able to enter the property with ease.

Alongside removing trees and debris, you might need to lay gravel to prevent vehicles from getting stuck in the mud. Additionally, previous gates and fences may need to be extended to increase access.

Travel Times

With such great peace and quiet, moving outside of the city certainly has excellent advantages. However, if you don’t work nearby, you really need to prepare for the travel times.

Commuting long distances can be exhausting and costly, especially on dirt roads with increased wildlife. Be sure that you are comfortable with this before you finalize a sale.

Final Words

As you can see from the above, there are a lot of different things to think about when building a home on acreage. While all of the additional planning can be exhausting, it will be worth it. After all of your hard work, you’ll be blessed with a beautiful home.

Good luck!