Many people use their home basements for storage and nothing more. Some people even leave this area of their homes empty despite its relatively large space.

If your basement is empty and you want to start making the most of it, there are many options to consider, including turning it into a mancave, games room, or home office. You can transform your basement into another room to suit your needs and preferences while enhancing your property’s value.

In this article, we’ve covered three uses for your basement, whether empty or out of use. If you need professional help with basement development in Edmonton, consider calling an experienced team of experts to help you renovate this area of your home and transform it into a comfortable and usable space.

Home Office

In the modern day, many people work from home. If you have a remote job and are working from your living room sofa, a home office in your basement could be exactly what you need. With a dedicated home office, you can focus on your daily tasks and maximize productivity and comfort.

The basement tends to be isolated from the rest of the home, making it the perfect area to work without the noises and distractions of your home. You can escape from your needy children or noisy neighbors and get your work done easily.


To create a home office in your basement, you’ll need to ensure it’s warm, well-insulated, and comfortable. You will also need to invest in appropriate furniture, such as a work desk, lighting, and the technologies you need for your job.

Extra Room

Whether you need an extra room for one of your children or want to extend your living room space, the basement is the perfect home area to meet your needs. You may need to renovate the space if it’s empty and lonely.

Consider painting or papering the walls, laying some cozy carpet, and installing proper lighting. Depending on your use of this extra room, you’ll need specific furniture and accessories.

For example, if you turn it into a kid’s playroom to spark creativity and keep your children engaged for hours, invest in lots of toys and bright-colored decor. If your child is a teenager and wants a place to relax in their own space, play on their games console, and chat with their friends online, you might want to buy a gaming chair, large television, and funky lighting.

Guest Room

If you often have overnight visitors, consider transforming your basement into a guest room. You can make it a cozy haven that makes your guests feel welcome and relaxed when staying with you for the night.


You’ll need to make sure the room is warm and well-insulated. The basement should be mold-free and ventilated to ensure your guests are safe and comfortable. Stick with neutral colors and minimal decor so the room appeals to all types of guests.