Meta: Check out this list of three popular commercial building trends that we could see influence the design of residential homes.

Commercial buildings and residential homes couldn’t be more different. The former are spaces where business is conducted, while the latter are our private properties where we live with our loved ones.

However, the design of commercial buildings can have an impact on residential homes. In this guide, we look at X commercial building trends, such as electric window openers and sustainability, that could influence the design of domestic properties.

Electric Windows

Windows are an extremely important part of any property, commercial or residential. However, many people assume that windows don’t offer much in terms of options for design or creativity. This isn’t the case, there are various new window trends that we are seeing in commercial buildings.

One of the biggest trends we have seen is the rise in the use of electric window openers. These sophisticated windows can be programmed and fully automated to open and close in response to a range of factors, such as time of day or temperature.

As well as convenience, electric windows also offer significant energy-saving benefits. They can effectively regulate temperature and reduce the need to rely on artificial heating or cooling systems. This is a key reason why we can expect to see them adopted by residential property owners.



The planet is currently in the grips of a climate crisis according to some sources. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and limit the impact we have on the world around us.

Commercial buildings are increasingly looking to implement more environmentally friendly designs. This can include the use of recycled materials in construction, which are much less harmful to produce when compared to traditional materials. Also, some home builders are building energy efficient homes that come with solar panels.

The onus of climate responsibility has long been put on large companies and businesses. However, if we want to tackle the crisis, everyone is going to have to play their part. It’s likely that we’ll see the sustainable materials trend extend to residential homes as well, as families and individuals also look to join the fight against the climate emergency.


Smart Technology

Smart technology is a relatively recent development, but one that has quickly been adopted by commercial building designers. It can be used to power things like smart lights, that turn off and on only when required, and smart locks, which offer improved security capabilities.

Smart technology is another commercial building trend that could influence residential property design. In fact, it is doing so already. Smart tech products are commonplace in many homes, they offer improved levels of convenience, safety and security wherever they are implemented.

Smart locks are proving particularly popular. They can be operated using biometric data such as fingerprints, making them much more effective for protecting our homes when compared to traditional locks.


Three of the most significant commercial building trends that could and already are influencing the design of residential properties include electric window openers, a focus on sustainability and smart technology such as lights and locks. We can only expect to see these trends become more popular in the future.