1980's mens hairstyles

1980’s Mens Hairstyles

Let’s dive right into a nostalgic journey through time, back to the 1980’s mens hairstyles. Ah, the ’80s – an era of big hair and even bigger personalities! A time when style was everything, and men weren’t afraid to experiment with their look. From iconic mullets to stylish perms, there was no shortage of variety when it came to hair trends.

Now I’ll be your guide on this retro rollercoaster ride as we explore the most popular hairstyles sported by gents during this vibrant decade. Whether you’re just curious about fashion history or looking for some vintage inspiration for a new do, this trip down memory lane is sure to be a fun one.

So buckle up! It’s time we delve into the diverse world of 1980’s mens hairstyles – each one more distinctive than the last. We’ll take a closer look at what made these styles so memorable and why they continue to influence modern grooming trends today. You never know, you might even find yourself itching for a throwback makeover by the end of it all!

Defining The ’80s: A Look At Men’s Hairstyles

Dive with me into a time of bold and unforgettable style. The 1980’s, a decade that left no stone unturned when it came to fashion and hairstyles, especially for men. We’re talking about 1980’s mens hairstyles which were nothing short of iconic.

From the moment I stepped into any given room back then, you’d immediately get a sense of the era from the sea of unique hairdos around you. There was an abundance of volume, heaps of hairspray, and mullets galore.

Let’s not forget about one hairstyle that ruled them all – the Mullet. Unforgettable in its silhouette, this hairstyle featured short hair at the front and sides with a long party going on in the back. It wasn’t just popular; it defined an entire generation.

Then there was the Jheri curl, another prominent look among 1980’s mens hairstyles. This glossy, loosely curled look dominated much of the African American community during this vibrant period.

  • The Mullet
  • The Jheri curl

The ’80s also saw an influx of spiked up hairdos known as punk rock hairstyles, made famous by bands like Sex Pistols and The Clash.

And who could overlook the Hi-top Fade. This style was characterized by closely shaved sides with sky-high hair on top – definitely not for those faint-hearted towards hairspray!

There were indeed a multitude of styles to choose from:

  1. Punk rock hairstyles
  2. Hi-top Fade

Despite these varied looks, they all had one thing common – individuality reigned supreme! Whether it was Billy Ray Cyrus’ legendary mullet or Michael Jackson’s Jheri curls, each man wore their hair as an expression of their persona.

Remembering these flamboyant times makes me appreciate how expressive we’ve always been through our personal styles! How fantastic it is to see how far we’ve come while keeping our individuality intact.