Industrial style is the most searched-for design trend in the US. If you are one of the many people looking to infuse this modern aesthetic into your home decor, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we delve into the roots and common elements of industrial interior design. Plus, we’ll show you the home decor and accents you need for an eye-popping modern industrial living room.

Ready to start redecorating? It all begins with this guide, so keep reading!

What Is the Industrial Interior Design Style?

The industrial interior design style is an aesthetic inspired by the Industrial Revolution that began in the 18th century. It became popular in the 2000s when many old industrial factories were repurposed into homes.

This minimalistic, modern aesthetic is best seen in industrial loft apartments. It features an open floor plan that puts raw structural elements on display, such as exposed beams and brick.

Metalwork, concrete, and reclaimed wood are commonly used in industrial-style spaces. Another popular element is large, floor-to-ceiling windows with dark, grid-like panes.

Design Staples for a Modern Industrial Living Room

You can get the industrial look in your living room even if your home is traditional or does not have the architectural features we mentioned above.


It all comes down to the following home decor staples.

Neutral Colors

As a minimalist, modern design aesthetic, industrialism features a neutral color palette. Go for shades of brown, grey, and black that mimic this style’s love of wood, concrete, and steel.

If you want to add a little color to the mix, consider sensible shades like navy, deep burgundy, mossy green, or burnt orange.

Natural Fabrics

When shopping for industrial-style living room furniture in Paris, TX, focus on natural fabrics. Look for couches, chairs, and living room sets upholstered in leather, suede, cotton, linen, and wool.

Mix up the materials for a layered look that will more than make up for this design style’s preference for clean lines and neutral colors.

Repurposed Materials

You may not have an exposed brick wall or raw wooden beams in your living room. But you can get the look with repurposed furniture and accents. Think wooden coffee tables with iron legs, open shelving featuring intricate metalwork, and Edison bulb light fixtures.


This style offers the opportunity to upcycle your furniture, too. Simply add castor wheels to that old wooden table or upholster an unused chair with those neutral-colored cotton curtains you’ve been meaning to donate. And keep an eye out for DIY projects at the thrift store.

Get Inspired By Industrial Interior Design

A modern industrial living room is within reach when you follow this guide. Industrial interior design style has been around for centuries. You can get the look with a minimalistic neutral color palette and furniture featuring plenty of natural fabrics and repurposed materials.

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